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WHITE/NIELSEN MUSIC GROUP operating as White/Nielsen Music Productions, is a dedicated and highly motivated team of talented pro-level musicians, songwriters and producers creating quality songs, song demos and full productions which span multiple genres including: Pop, Country, R&B, Rock, Soul and Adult Contemporary for artists, songwriters, T.V., Film and more!

About the co-founders:
ARVID NIELSEN, is an established solo artist from Europe and now located in the USA. Arvid released his first solo album in 1989 under the Genlyd record label, resulting in 2 hit songs throughout Denmark, his native land, where he followed up by choice to become the most sought after backing vocalist among the majors for studio and live performances ever since. In 2006, after receiving much encouragement from fans and industry colleagues, Arvid wrote, produced and released his second full length solo album, working with industry greats such as Bruce Swedien, Stig Kreutzfeldt and Peter Busborg among others. Arvid is an avid vocalist, musician and producer having studied at The Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen Denmark.

BRANDEE WHITE, is an eclectic and passionate multi-genre songwriter and multi-octave vocalist from NYC, covering Pop, Rock, R&B, Soul, Adult Contemporary, and is quickly becoming a sought after songwriting collaborator in the in pop/country genre. Brandee is known nationally for live National Anthem performances coast to coast for Major Leage Baseball and the National Hockey League where she started in 1995 till present. Background includes session vocals both studio and live - NYC and LA, several songwriting awards with Billboard; Int'l Song and the JLSC... and more!



Written By: White/Nielsen

GRANTED © 2007 Lyrics - White/Nielsen

His Daddy was a big man
with ways of thinking small
he’d extend his world no further
than the office wall
making his decisions
based on the dollar’s worth he’d say
money's most important son
and life is just that way

he’d take everything for granted
never had enough
he’d neglect his love for money
not measuring the cost
but one day he'll remember
all the love he somehow lost

His Momma was impressive
keeping up with Mrs. Jones
she’d make everything look better
than it was living at home
making her decisions
based on the neighbor’s worth she’d say
status is important son
and life is just that way

She’d take everything for granted
never had enough
she’d neglect her love for status
not measuring the cost
but one day she'll remember
all the love she somehow lost

He dreams of life
free from their ways
he feels a deeper need inside
he wants to make a change
they don’t see
what they’re teaching
is the opposite of what he see’s
and what they really need

He understood a difference
based on his parents pain
he saw what they were missing
and realized the way
to making his decisions
resulting with his life in place
love is always number one
and life is just that way

he won’t take his love for granted
so he can have enough
won’t neglect his love for money
or status for the cost
he always will remember
all his love could not be lost


Written By: White/Nielsen

SOMEHOW LOVE © 2007 Lyrics - B.White

Here I stand in front of you
realizing this is my moment of truth
I see tears in your Momma’s eyes
as you say your vows but I get stuck on mine
and I wonder if I should tell you goodbye
instead of trying to be your woman
for the rest of my life

Somehow love
is showing me I have to let you go
it’s what I know
so you can find someone
who’ll stand here with you
knowing you’re the one
what’s telling me right now our time is done
is somehow love

I can’t blame this all on you
when I’ve known it all along but still went through
with our plans because you were my man
I thought that things might change if I gave you my hand
how I wanted to believe that it would pass
but something deep inside my heart
kept telling me we wouldn’t last

(Repeat Chorus)

Two years gone I’ve finally moved on
I’m not sorry I was your wife for that long
I gave you the best of me that’s true
even though things never changed I still pulled through
and I know you did the best that you can
I hope someday you’ll understand
why I tried knowing we would end

Somehow love
was showing me I had to let you go
it’s what I know
so you could find someone
who’ll stand there with you knowing you’re the one
what’s telling me right now our time was done
is somehow love


Written By: White/Nielsen

THE BEST OF ME FOR LIFE © 2007 Lyrics - B.White

Sorry if I haven’t been around lately
see I’ve been home and contemplating
so I’ve been dodging company
been thinking bout the words you said to me
I don’t take those words for granted
cause in the past I’ve failed to see
that it takes a lot of time just to get it right
and I won’t take on your love
unless I give you my life

Cause I believe I can be better for you
I see your love and I know what it will do
so I don’t need to pretend I’m doing right
I’ve gotta be the only one to adore you
be everything that a man should be for you
but I believe the only way I can do it right
is give you the best of me for life

I’m taking a good look at myself right now
and I know I’m ready to be faithful
cause I know you’ll always be around
you’re everything that I’ll ever need and more
and I don’t take your loving lightly
cause in the past I’ve been ignored
so I’ve gotta do the right thing when it’s time
cause I won’t deserve your heart
without giving you mine

(Repeat Chorus)

I can’t ignore the keys you hold inside
I knew you’d open my soul when you walked into my life

(Repeat Chorus)

Sorry if I haven’t been around lately
see I’ve been home and contemplating
how I’m gonna ask you to marry me


Written By: White/Nielsen

BREAK ME INTO YOU © 2007 Lyrics - B.White

Been trying so hard to believe you
when you say that you love me
but I hesitate and I runaway
from fearing that you’ll leave
my thoughts will contradict my heart
as my mind rules my soul
but my heart is begging me right now
to let it take control

Break me of my stubborn mind
to let me love again
help me not to fall apart
whenever you walk in
if you wake up lying next to me
I want it to be true
to be your woman I need help
to break me into you
I know you’re a man with good intention
your mind is solid gold
if I can let my foolish heartache heal
your love might save my soul
I’m pouring out my truth to you
so you’ll understand
this woman here in front of you
needs you to be her man

(Repeat Chorus)

Don’t want another love to bring me down
but I want to let you in somehow

(Repeat Chorus)


Written By: Nielsen/White

THIS IS YOUR DAY © 2007 Lyrics - Nielsen/White

This is your day
this is your time
this is your world
which you define
you give your heart
and share your mind
with all you’ve got
you’re in your prime
this is your day

life it seems to change so fast
you just keep on keep believing
anything can last
really you have changed some too
in the process of becoming
aware of what life means to you

(Repeat Chorus)

Moving out and moving on
focused on your destiny
you’ve never been this strong
with passion to explore what you can be
looking over the horizon
with it’s endless possibilities

Live out your dreams, who knows how far you’ll go
cause if you don’t, you’ll surely never know

(Repeat Chorus)


Written By: White/Nielsen

SHE BREATHES © 2007 Lyrics - B.White

She waits for her results
with hope of better news each day
knowing everything she’s done
followed the plans her doctor made
she feels a little stronger
since the last hospital stay
dreaming soon it will be over
once again tonight she’ll pray…

Help daddy give
help brother smile
help momma love without the fear of losing
until the day I die
please remember them all in your blessings
in you I do believe
so as for me no need to worry
halleluiah lord, she breathes

No answers yet but she’s convinced
that all her hope will save the day
she knows her soul is cleansed from sin
cause Jesus showed her the way
she feels a little tired
as the drip increased today
dreaming soon it will be over
once again tonight she’ll pray…

(Repeat Chorus)

The phone rings twice before she answers
she anticipates who from
as according to her doctor
today’s the day the news will come
she feels a little happy
with the things he had to say
knowing now it will be over
one last time tonight she’ll pray…

(Repeat Chorus)


Written By: White/Nielsen

HINDSIGHT– © 2007 Lyrics - B.White

Did you think that I’d stay here to cry
is that what you hoped for when you said goodbye
how has reality escaped you all of this time
not knowing you leaving would cause me to die

Now you stand there and seem so surprised
looking over my body like its the first time
do you recall that I spent the best years of my life
waiting for you to ask me to be your wife

What does it take to know love
What does it take to see light
Where its dark through the trees
in the Forrest of beasts in your mind
their only telling you lies

Did you think I could hold someone else
each night in our bed I held you close to myself
you knew I’d always be there when you needed my help
but I slipped from your mind in your thoughts of yourself

Guess it’s clear to you now that I’m gone
the meaning of life when I gave you my love
it was you I lived for which could not be undone
the result of your choice laid me under the sun

(Repeat Chorus)


Written By: White/Nielsen

LET US GO © 2007 Lyrics - B.White

Do you notice where we are
the years are tapping on my conscience
and telling of the scars
we’ve not been in love for so long
and though our past has been our center
keeping on just seems so wrong

Happiness now is a dream
you and I will find somewhere else
this we’ve already seen
we do what we can on our own
to avoid the realization
that we’re not one anymore

Can’t we let go from here
let the rest of our lives revive us
not waste another year
we’re in debt to each other for all that we know
and your name is forever written in my soul
but it’s time we should let us go

Our minds have grown so far apart
patience is no longer among us
desire is lost from our hearts
we blame and claim it wasn’t me
but the truth is front and center
we just weren’t meant to be

(Repeat Chorus)

Losing you is like a death to me
But letting you go is really setting you free

(Repeat Chorus)


Written By: White/Nielsen

BUT WILL YOU © 2007 Lyrics - B.White

You shed your love on me like a blanket
it feels warm and safe on the inside
but it can smother me if I let it
and sometimes I want to try

See the years have rendered me jaded
Lord knows I’m a stubborn guy
and I wonder if you can take it
cause I don’t wanna make you cry

Woman I…
have seen so many things
I’ve lived my life…
harder then the law will allow me
but I’ve never seen someone as good as you
everything you do
how I wanna see you marry me
but will you

Time goes by so fast like a bullet
shot from a smooth 45 magnum
keep tryin’ to hit the main target
but it moves before you load the gun

Now I’ve known women but I’ve loved whisky
so much that it made ‘em run
the hangovers always stayed with me
but those women vanished in the sun

(Repeat Chorus)

I can go on livin in my mess
but I’d rather move on with you
I will try to be a better man I guess
ain’t no telling what it’s gonna do

(Repeat Chorus)


Written By: White/Nielsen

BACK TO ME © 2007 White/Nielsen

I’m taking back my name today
to end this chapter with my dignity in place
knowing that as I turn the page
I won’t have to live with you another day
and your mind
my constant cries
you won’t have the chance again to steal my soul
my dreams are mine without them I would not be whole

Cause I am me, and I am free
funny that’s who I was
when you fell in love with me
but I got lost, when you turned boss
forgetting how you were a part of everything
became controlling in your fears of losing me
I should be thankful too, it’s because of you
I’m back to me

Our puzzle seems to fit in place
the final piece revealed my exit here today
knowing that I won’t be ashamed
cause I don’t have to tell a story any day
and apologize
for your angry mind
you won’t have the chance for keeping me away
from everyone I love so that you could feel safe

(Repeat Chorus)

If I should ever see your face
I will remember to be grateful…

(Repeat Chorus)