White Ninja

White Ninja

 Mexico City, The Federal District, MEX

White Ninja is a mexican band whose sound ranges from psychedelic funk to digital soul to electronic rock. The grooving beats, quirky arrangements and smooth vocals so characteristic of this duo have earned them enthusiastic reviews from the press, including a 4 out of 5 rating by Resident Advisor.


White Ninja began as a one-man-band fronted by visual artist Leo Marz. Originally intended to explore plunderphonics, the band's initial sound was closer to sample-based punk. In this vein White Ninja recorded its first release entitled 'Guacala los modernos y su electro' (2009) with collaborations by several Monterrey, Mexico-based artists. This recording earned positive reviews by listeners and specialized blogs, while the live performance was noted by Pitchfork.

In 2010, musician and vocalist Octavio Figueroa joined the band officially. Previously, the duo had worked for years as part of the band Album. Together, they set out to expand beyond the premise of plunderphonics, as they incorporated different musical ideas and influences into the mix.

The result was the 2011 release of 'Sounds like cocoon fever' a mixture of funky grooves, electronic arrangements, soulful vocals and psychedelic sounds.

This recording was received enthusiastically by listeners and critics, and was awarded a 4 out of 5 rating in Resident Advisor, among many other rave reviews.

The duo is currently playing live gigs to get this material heard while working on a new album, in the hopes that the buzz keeps growing and the good response from listeners and critics lead them to a wider audience.


Guacala los modernos y su electro (2009, RAD)

Sounds Like Cocoon Fever (2010, RAD/Abstrak Muzak)