White Noise

White Noise

 Dublin, Leinster, IRL

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several releases.

"Supernoise" feat. White Noise - Super Extra Bonus Party LP (April 2007) (superextrabonusparty.com) - Choice Music Award 2008 Winner

"White Noise (Ireland)" - Beatbox Battle Mixtape Vol. 01 Beatbox Battle Express 2006 (beatboxbattle.net)

"Beatbox" White Noise - Wire Horizon's "Recommended viewing" - Seedyr Recordings 2005

'Beatbox Skit' White Noise - 'Homemade Bombs' - Working Class Records 2005

Set List

Generally 15 - 20 minute sets, improvised and rehearsed pieces. Using digital equipment White Noise incorporates echoes and effects on my voice, then make layers of processed and unprocessed vocals/beatboxing to make soundscapes.

See White Noise online @ http://youtube.com/watch?v=znJXla_UUh0