White Noise

White Noise


They’re the snow on your t.v. screen when your cable goes out; the hum of your air-conditioner or the sound between the frequencies on your radio: this is White Noise. From the depths of chaos has arisen a unique and uncompromising sound that is sure to take the world by force.


White Noise was founded at a small university in Southern Connecticut. Utilizing the distinct musical backgrounds and influences of the respective members, White Noise has been able to cultivate an intricate sound that is both virtuosic and gritty. They changed the face of the music scene in their small, modest university, but now have their eyes set upon a much grander scale. Trained from birth, the emergence of this band is inevitable: they possess the talent, ambition and pure showmanship to truly make their mark.
Be prepared.


Radio Wear (2007)

Set List

Secret History
When the Bough Breaks
Feedingtime On The Radio
Original Sin
Plan B
Instant Gratification

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