White Noise Radio

White Noise Radio


White Noise Radio combines singer-songwriter emotion with soaring electronics and rock guitar crunch. WNR's underground debut has been described as "a clear but mysterious image...an original sound and a lot to look forward to" -Schwa Sound-


White Noise Radio (WNR) is "atmoshperic rock with a post new-wave twist." This New York born musician Vinnie Velez has been musically inclined since before his teen years, actively performing and recording for bands at age 12. WNR culminates organic singer-songwriter tendencies with rock guitar riffs and soaring electronics, producing the perfect late-night, stargazing soundtrack.

WNR finds inspiration in bands such as the Cure, Duran Duran, and modern punk influenced acts. The lyrics are written "to take listeners on a journey through human emotion. Love, sex, near tragedy and hope play vital roles in every musical measure."

Under the name Vinnie Velez, the track "Medusa" off a self-titled EP earned Vinnie his first commercial radioplay and national recognition. WNR's debut album was released on July 4th of 2008 and has garnered much attention from young listeners and scene veterans alike, recently catching the ear of AllMusicGuide writer Robert Michael Sutton...who now represents White Noise Radio.

White Noise Radio is the most ambitious, immediate and atmospheric that Velez has ever written, proving to be the remedy to the mundayne sounds of everyday radio. This multifaceted musician is WNR's singer/songwriter/composer/instrumentalist and producer. Make sure to catch this passionate musician both on record and live as he charges forth as White Noise Radio. You can find WNR on the web at www.thewhitenoiseradio.com where the self-titled debut is now available.

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Written By: Vinnie V. (WHITE NOISE RADIO)

I love it when they tell you silence is golden...I am laughing when they say it. Don't you ever believe that lie. I love it when they tell you ignorance is bliss...baby look at the shape of the world. Don't ever believe those lies....La la la la la la Lies

Break free from the games people play with your head...Don't live a life like PAC-MAN chasing the ghosts of your past.

You'll be obsolete by yesterday
They'll put you in a corner
Come in and meet the enemy
They tell you what they want to
Finally, you see the day when all the kids come out to play...Everyday the haters say "We're out of change"....LIES

Break free from the games people play with your head...Don't live a life like PAC-MAN chasing the ghosts of your past. Break that glass, it's holding you back.

Nothing Ever Really Dies

Written By: Vinnie V.

Fate lead the way
Though I could not bend if I did not break
Today I can believe what I can't believe
Today I can see what I cannot see
Hold me down
Build me up
Give me one moment of love
Let the hours melt away to feel a little sunshine on my face
I am so lost it feels amazing
All of my time fearing endings
I feel alive for the first time
Close your eyes and breathe the sky
I believe in a truth with no eyes
Nothing Ever Really Dies
Say it with me Sing it with me
Nothing Ever Really Dies


White Noise Radio's self-titled debut album is now available through iTunes, Rhapsody, CdBaby, FYE, and more. Killa!, PAC-MAN, and House on Fire are all currently receiving airplay in various formats...including commercial radio.

Set List

30-45 minute WNR set includes tracks off the debut album, new songs, and covers. Some bands covered are Black Kids, The Psychedelic Furs, and more.