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White or Wheat, comprised of c3pO and Skilly McGillacuddy (a.k.a. Cody Prudeuhl and Manny "Tre" Rivas) are two men that are starting to make a strong name for themselves, for better or worse, in the Minneapolis and Duluth Hip Hop scenes.
The twosome met back in spring of 2000 under the guise of creating fun mockumentary type hip hop. Quickly, both realized that their simple, Weird Al'esq parody was so much more, as the two of them had an unnatural ability to create complex syntaxes over syncopated beats...the result, ridiculously catchy tunes and emotionally inescapable talent.
Off stage c3pO is the fun loving snowboard enthusiast, who's quick with the jokes, and sure to make you laugh with his off the cuff style of freestyling; while Skilly McGillacuddy has the face that make women swoon while maintaining a strong silence and humility. On stage, the roles are very different. Cody retreats into his own mind as you can see him feeling out the lyrics that effortlessly make their ways from his lips; while Manny serenades the crowd with a soft voice and harsh realities all the while maintaining a strong Hip Hop sensibility.
From songs that will make you giggle (and feel funny, but in a good way), like Perfect Curvatures; to their biggest hit to date, 1000 Apologiez, that brings out the emotion of the crew...you will surely not be disappointed.
The band has a MySpace (let's be honest...who doesn't): www.myspace.com/whiteorwheat, and a website: www.whiteorwheatmusic.com.
And, if you're interested in booking the group go to: www.sonicbids.com/whiteorwheat for more information and a view of their Electronic Press Kit.
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Currently waiting for their studio time W.O.W. has only a rough demo to offer, but rough as it can be it still can soothe the savage beast.
Check out the band's MySpace site for some songs:



The shit begins its head on collision course with the vigorously spinning blades of a Honeywell in April of 2000, when White (Cody Prudoehl A.K.A C3P0) meets Wheat (Manny "Tre" Rivas A.K.A Ménage à Tre). Young, immature, bored and stoned, C3 and Ménage à stumble upon a creative outlet of writing parody's to "pop" songs. They quickly realize that finding instrumentals for "pop" songs on Napster was like trying to find talent on the Cash Money record label, but the library of hip hop beats was virtually endless. Venturing into uncharted territory, Tre and Cody immediately found love for the art of hip hop and begin making sweet sweet consensual relations to it...in separate rooms of course. Although a completely different style than your average parody, White Or Wheat (W.O.W.) persists with its humor. Through the years they developed a unique underground flava that attracts even those who don't normally find themselves getting’ down in the whole hip hop scene. Along with makin funnys, W.O.W finds inspiration in their own lives and experiences. To put it plainly, White Or Wheat will make you laugh, cry, re-evaluate your ambitions, want to punch your mom in the face, and question the stability of our government all within a 45 minute set.