White People

White People


Only one band can make you move like White People. It is the dirty soul revival from Pittsburgh, PA. Giving you some of the funkest riffs and smooth melodies from a group of musicians born into rock but evolved into the soul sound. We are here to make you feel the spirit of soul with a twist.


There are plenty of people who might claim that the "Golden Age" of American soul music is long behind us. White People feel that it is their personal responsibility to change that. Bringing their own form of "Garage Soul" out of Pittsburgh, PA White People is versatile group laying down the groove. We bang out funky deep-fried rhythm and blues tunes with an attitude: the product of musicians raised on rock n' roll but whose heads really turned the first time they heard a James Brown record. Writing concise, catchy songs, they manage to keep the audience singing along wihle avoiding the easily disposable qualitites of contemporary pop music. Touring throughout the East Coast and Midwest, they continue to make people's feet move and hips shake. If you're looking for that feeling you get when you hear that genuine, American, dirty soul music check out White People the next time they roll through your town. They guarantee you'll walk away from that night feeling tired, sweaty, and satisfied.


Listen to the Zahniser Session at www.myspace.com/whitepeoplesoul

Set List

Drunk in Love
El Guapo
Streets of NY