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White Pigeon 'The EP'



White Pigeon are the brainchild of Chris Nugent, hailing from Guildford, they have been described as 'Spinal Tap with girls' and 'Rock just like what your mamma used to make'.

White Pigeon will provide:

- High energy rock show
- 1 set of blonde twins
- Paper Mache Pigeon atop of Marshall stack
- Pointy guitars
- Rounded guitars
- ...did I mention the blonde twins?
- 1 story of a mythical monster from the ocean
- 4 styles of guitar throw
- 2 styles of ensnaring blonde twins between guitar and guitarist
- Rock

white pigeon (wahyt pij-uhn) adjective-noun

1. A bird of the family Columbidae, (namely the Rock Dove) having a compact body, short legs and being the innocent, virginal colour of pure snow, it’s feathers reflecting light of all hues completely and diffusely.

2. A human being’s ultimate desire, goal or achievement.

3. A bunch of sexy people from Guildford who play rock.