White Pines

White Pines


The soundtrack of a Mid-western winter.


White Pines began as a secondary outlet for singer/songwriter Joseph Scott. His primary band (Canada, Quite Scientific Records) went on a much needed break in 2008, which afforded Joseph the opportunity to spend some time living in Brooklyn. With extra time on his hands, a homemade studio in his apartment, and more songs than he knew what to do with, Joseph's fledgling solo project soon developed into a full-time band. White Pines' first EP was released in June of 2009.

This past summer, the songwriter toured the United States extensively, sharing tours with bands such as 'Cotton Jones', 'Strand of Oaks', 'Frontier Ruckus', 'that's him! that's the guy!', and Samantha Farrell. He is currently recording a full length album, which is due to be released this winter.

"White Pines does not disappoint... and is a contender for my top 5 EP's of 2009"
- Slowcoustic

"Heavy with feeling, this is just a small taste of what this guy can do with words, melody, and emotion."
- One Sweet Song


A Face Made of Wood EP

Set List

Usually 8 to 11 songs, 35-50 minutes.