Rick Reding and White River Music Company

Rick Reding and White River Music Company


Rick Reding and White River Music Company is a band of top notch musicians and writers from the Missouri Ozark Mountains.
Rick acts and performs in the Oscar nominated indipendent film "Winters Bone."
The band performs Hillbilly original and covers music that is upbeat, positive and groovin.


Rick Reding Bio

I was born in Branson Missouri and grew up in the area.
My Grandmother told me when I was four years old I sang
"Cotton fields Back Home" with a toy banjo I had.
I've been into singing and writing songs as long as I can remember.
I sang everybody else's songs for 30 years.
Now I principally sing my own songs.
It was my own songs that got me an acting part and songsw placed in the
Oscar nominated movie, "Winters Bone."
I have three songs on the soundtrack.
I don't know what kind of music I play, I just try to sound like nobody else.

Junior Marriott Bio

Junior Marriott began playing rhythm guitar at the age of seven for his dad, who played the fiddle.
By age nine he was playing bass and at fourteen he began playing the fiddle.
At the age of sixteen he won the Missouri State Fiddle Championship,
a title he has won several times, including 2010.
Junior has won various contests and other state championships as well.
Some of these include Kansas State Fiddle Championship,
Arkansas State Fiddle Championship,
fifth place at the 2000 National Fiddle Championship in Weiser, Idaho,
and Grand Lake Fiddle Festival Champion in 2006, 2007, and 2010.
A few major fiddle contests Junior has judged include Missouri State Championship,
Arkansas State Championship, Grand Lake Championship in Grove, Oklahoma,
and the Texas State Championship in Hallettsville, Texas.
He enjoys traveling to contests all over the United States, especially Texas.
Junior lives in Ava, Missouri and recently opened Marriott Music,
a full line music store, specializing in vintage Gibson guitars.
He teaches fiddle, guitar, and bass lessons,
buys, sells, trades, and repairs instruments

Steve Youngblood Bio

Steve Youngblood grew up in the MIssouri Ozarks.
Steve plays a mean flat pick acoustic guitar.
Steve has been plaing most of his life.
He's played with several successful groups, including
"A Grain of Salt", "Quick Draw" and "High Plains Tradition.
Steve moved away to play in Colorado for several years,
then moved back to his home in the Ozarks in 1990
to raise his family with his wife,Renee.
While back, he's played with Rick Reding and White River Music company,
a square dance group with the great fiddler Bib Holt, and with
"Country Harmony" a group including Jack Perryman, Charles and Jan Lee and Darrell Tunic.

Ralph DiEnno Bio

Ralph DiEnno was born in St. Louis Missouri.
His Dad was a disk jockey.
Ralph served in the Viet Nam war.
He started playing electice guitar when he got back in San Diego.
He moved back to St. Louis in 1971.
He played in various local bands there.
He started playing with David Allan Coe as his slide guitar player,
touring with him for seven years. Ralph has even played twice at Willie's Pick Nic!
Ralph has been playing with Rick Reding and White River Music Company
for 20 years.
Tedi May Bio

Tedi is a native of the Missouri Ozarks.
Tedi's first band when she was 20 was with Billy Ward and her Mom. Tedi played banjo then.
Tedi is an award winning songwriter, having won the Walnut Valley~ Winfield new song competetion
two years ago out of 650 entries..
Tedi graduated with an honors degree in Electic Bass from the Atlanta Institute of Music.
Tedi learned to sing because she lost her voice and was told she would never speak again.
She went on a 5 year healing journey and found that vocal production could be possible
by relearning proper breath support. She learned to sing in that process.
Tedi plays bass on "Man on the Run", vocals, bass and group leader for Dirt Road Delight, creators of
"The Palm of His Hand" on the Oscar nominated movie "Winter's Bone" sondtrack.
Tedi thinks music and voice is a divine expression of the spirit.


"The Healer of Broken Hearts" gospel, 2005
"The Stray" Hillbilly originals, 2011

Set List

All our originals, three of which are on the Winters Bone soundtrack
Old country and swing covers as needed
Fiddle dance tunes as needed