White Rose Formal

White Rose Formal


As six of the most dedicated and gifted individuals who share a passion for creating original, quality music, the striking talent and unique sound of the originally written music this rock band produces impresses and entertains, setting itself apart with the incorporation of a piano.


Seleste Villarreal, lead vocals
--Bio to come

Kyle Mahnke, backup vocals, guitarist
--Kyle is a senior at Clark and has been influenced by music his entire life. He plays the guitar, (acoustic, electric, and bass), as well as a number of other instruments, from the saxophone to the tuba. He is the Vice President of the Clark High School Band and enjoys playing lacrosse for St. Anthony’s Catholic High School. He hopes to attend Texas State University to major in Marketing, but dreams of becoming a successful musician.

Will Hickman, pianist, harmony vocals
--Will, also a senior at Clark, has been playing the piano since early youth and has competed and received awards and honors in several state-wide competitions. He also plays the saxophone and guitar, is a member of the Clark High School Band, does recording internships, and manages another small band. Will hopes to attend Texas State University to study music production and aspires to open up his own recording studio.

Max Baenen, bass guitarist
--Max, a sophomore at Clark, is a talented bass guitarist with a passion for music. His former guitar teacher, an alumnus of the renowned Berklee College of Music, describes Max as a dedicated and highly talented student. Max is active in his youth group at Castle Hills Baptist Church and is a member of the Clark High School Jazz Band. He describes music as “the love of his life” and hopes to study music education at Ohio State.

Clayton Lillard, drummer, backup vocals
--Clayton is a senior at Communications Arts High School and has been playing music since the age of five. He plays water polo for his school, is in the choir, the Environment Club, and actively participates in contributing to the community; he is known nationwide for Clayton’s Backyard Crew, a group of kids who fix used bicycles to give to prisoners’ children. Clayton has recently been accepted to the Berklee College of Music, where he hopes to pursue a career in contemporary writing and production.

With great talent and lively personalities, the band never ceases to entertain with their one-of-a-kind music. The band currently plays regularly at shows at the live music venue, The Sanctuary, in San Antonio. They have also played shows at The White Rabbit in San Antonio and The Door in Dallas, as well as private events.

Gloria Chan, Public Relations
(210) 355-1996


Dear Madrid

Written By: Kyle Mahnke

We set our sails for the open sea
With eyes fixed on opportunity
With hearts lusting gold and blades craving blood
We sailed for the sea

Without a place to lay your head
Dreams don't come so easily
We sold ourselves for this nightmare
Hoping one day we would wake again

Sweet Muse we ask inspire us with a place
That our heartless hearts will find some rest
A place untainted by rich man's gold
A place our sleepless eyes will find their rest
A place we can call our own

For every "X" in the sand that we find
Another our hearts must seek

Take A Breath

Written By: Kyle Mahnke

The dam is breaking
The water's rushing faster
Into the valley where we lay
Concrete and steel couldn't withstand this pressure
That consequently now we must burden

Take a breath
Close your eyes up tight
Flail your arms until someone comes to save you
The sky's disappearing
The tide that we battle
Is so unforgiving

The sun is rising
Its face revealing a newly formed coast line
That we'll never see
The water we tread
Battles our efforts
As your legs stop moving and you sink to the floor

Take a breath
Close your eyes up tight
Flail your arms until someone comes to save you
The sky's disappearing
The tide that we battle
Is so unforgiving


currently recording an EP,
4 songs can be heard on the myspace site-

Set List

typical sets are 30 minutes due to venue limitations; we are willing to play much longer.

typical set lists include:
Take a Breath
Dear Madrid
Die For Tonight
Begging For Night

We typically only play original music, but have played cover songs before at private events: anything from Weezer to Ray Charles. Cover possibilities can be requested and discussed.