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Feel-good rock music in the vein of it's 60s and 70s prime. WhiteShoeBrownShoe plays its own unique modern interpretation of classic rock, with original tunes, lush vocal harmonies, and a powerful sound that can't be ignored.


WhiteShoeBrownShoe is the musical creation of two songwriters brought together by rock, roll, and a bowl of chili. Mr. Patrik Gochez, an East Coast Legend, and Sir Alex Britten of London fame are the fitted old shoes with the soles to walk us through this modern life. One sweet day, they realized that if they wanted to open the minds of the masses, they’d better open theirs first. Steady sticks were essential, and as the lights flickered, a pirate from the heart of America busted down the door and kicked a beat so sweet it rocked the shoes to their feet. Nasty Nez was his name, and runnin’ groove was his game, now all they needed was Dynamite Dave to campaign the bass train. He stepped in and laced the shoes up tight, and with that they became a unit of love and revolution. They began playing shows until Heavy Rotation Records took a liking to their particular brand of sauce and decided to pour em’ out of the crock-pot of Boston onto the labyrinthine buffet of America. So slow down, take a second, and take a listen, because this is a band you won’t want to miss.


"Yer Birthday" Demo
Heavy Rotation Records Presents: "Dorm Sessions 6"

Set List

Can't Get It Out Of My Head
Slow Down
Jumping Beans & Wicked Dreams
Lazer Beam
Song For Moving Out
Mama Tierra
Take A Drop
Apple Fingers
Texas Automotive
Well... Hold On
Grizzly Bear
Ride Slow
Off To The Races
Park Drive

Capable of playing two hour set