White Van Speaker Scam

White Van Speaker Scam


White Van Speaker Scam has a unique melodic and groove-based approach to rock that allows it to sound like no one else. Shameless three-part harmonies, whirlwinds of funkified keith moon beats, bass and mids conversing, mid-song genre swapping. Seriously.


Named after one of the great acts of suburban injustice, Toronto Ontario trio White Van Speaker
Scam is a collective of like-minded musicians that uses its members' disparate musical influences to
create songs of rhythmic and melodic depth.
Multi-instrumentalists/songwriters Adam Burnett (vocals, guitar, bass, drums), James Scott
(vocals, drums and percussion, keyboards) and Lee Rogers (vocals, bass, keyboards, guitar) form
the core of the group, and are unafraid to switch instrumental and vocal roles according to
the desired flavour of each tune.
WVSS released a self-produced, five-song EP spring 2005. The songs, recorded live-off-the-floor,
were engineered and mixed by Sony producer Ashton Price at the band's Toronto-based studio.
Laced in raw emotion, the material features three distinct solo and harmonious voices and dishes
out plenty of fresh grooves. The original sound inherent in these recordings results from the band's
keen interest in subtly integrating elements from various musical genres while using minimal
amounts of instrumentation.
Over the past year, the group has performed numerous shows throughout Ontario, Quebec, and
New York. A cross-Canada tour is in the works for spring '06.
The band is currently demoing songs in its own studio in anticipation of recording its first full length
in January '06 at Flipside Studios in North Bay, Ontario.


Second Childhood

Written By: White Van Speaker Scam

Your glass has turned to sand
You sag when spoken to
There’s too much glaze
On your days
You do less per quarter hour
You sitting champion
It looks like your bubbled in
You’re all glassed in
You worn aquarium
You’re well into
Your second childhood (3x)
And I don’t know if you know what’s good for you
As you start losing
The power of constant motion
Pay if you got it
For constant care and devotion
You’re well into
Your second childhood (2x)
Keep yourself thinking
(Although you’re getting slower)
You can keep yourself moving
(With a stick, walker or cane)
The stairs on which you walk
They might start slidin’
The thoughts on which you rest
Jumble in air
You can’t for the life of you remember
The noise it fades away
The space in your head is taken up with ether
You learn to like it that way
You’re well into (3x)
Your second childhood

Right or Wrong

Written By: White Van Speaker Scam

right or wrong
i don't care
get it done
not much time
small window
to redeem this offer offered me

wasting time
to try and define
what is mine

i don't feel
like myself
these days
i feel lost
not much time
small window

it's gone
don't you know that it's gone

Ahhhhhh ahhhhh
Ahhhhhh ahhhhh
we all know, the hands will close, and still we wait, until it's safe
we all see, the reason leave, but remain calm, until it's gone

A tear reflects
this botched job
will you
remember that former me
the way I used to be

Blind to the Picture

Written By: White Van Speaker Scam

I know a lady
Who says you can't see the picture
When you're standing in the frame

I don't see her daughter
And thus not the lady
But her wisdom will remain

Blind to the picture
Blind to what we've done
Blind to the picture
Blind to what goes on

Some stopgap information
Is making the way to reparations
And just being friends again

It's wasting lives
One more reprise

Blind to the picture
Blind to what we've done
Blind to the picture
Blind to what goes on

If I were trading
My space inside the picture
You know I'd end up just the same

What have we done
To give each other room
To be themselves
And frame themselves

Frame themselves


White Van Speaker Scam (EP) 2004
Single: Second Childhood

Set List

Typical set list is 1 hour, but we can do up to 3 hours if needed (includes covers).

Song List (originals)

Where I Found
Something New
Man About Town
King of Coughs
Running Just as Fast
No One's Gonna Sleep
Second Childhood
Right or Wrong
Blind to the Picture
Treatin' Ya Slow
16 Seconds
Oh Say


Summer in the City
Reach Out I'll be There
Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Go Now
Mercy Mercy Me
Happiness is a Warm Gun
I Feel Free
Carry On
Everyday People
Walk Right Back