Evanston, Illinois, USA

Neo-Psychedelic Folk-Rock!

People often ask: “What’s with the name?” It would be great if it came from a vision-quest fueled by peyote buttons and psilocybin mushrooms, and a visitation from the ghost of Syd Barrett – …then Syd appeared out of the foggy mist, he was floating above the shimmering beach, humming a lyrical little nursery rhyme; and with shells, star-fish, and a few shiny black stones, he spelled out the name of our band in the glowing, sand: whitewolfsonicprincess! The Myth!


whitewolfsonicprincess  is a Psychedelic Folk-Rock ensemble. We will be releasing our 3rd project: “The Alternate Boot Vols. 1 & 2” in January 2019. Vol. 1 conjures a bit of an Alt-Country sound. Vol 2. highlights our Psychedelic Folk-Rock vibration. There are 7 songs on each CD.

The band emerged out of the avant garde theater scene in Chicago via Black Forest Theater Company, a performance group that presents edgy & original theater pieces. At the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Fest The Scotsman Paper compared our work to the work of The Wooster Group. Music and writing songs has been a significant aspect of our storytelling.

Some of the other artists our band has been compared to include: Fairport Convention, It’s a Beautiful Day, Richard & Linda Thompson, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Spiritualized, Neutral Milk Hotel, Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters & Jefferson Airplane.

The songs are about life and loss, about being lost, and being found, and the mysteries underlying everything. Our name is a symbol – a wolf in a princess hat, high-heels, a peace symbol arm-band, clutching a few wildflowers. The princess/wolf symbol embodies a series of dichotomies: male/female, animal/spiritual, body/soul, low-born/high aspiration, aggressive/peace-loving, darkness/light. Forever seeking wisdom in the consciousness of the natural world. Ever-moving. Always exploring.

whitewolfsonicprincess – one word, one thing.

The Alternate Boot Album Details:

The Musicians: Carla Hayden - vocals/percussion, James Moeller - vocals/acoustic & electric guitar, Chuck Wasserberg - electric guitar, Ian Ogden - electric bass, Randy Farr - percussion, Steve Rutstein - drums, Douglas Johnson - electric bass & double-bass, Tim O'Brien - electric bass, Rich Meher - drums, Ben Davis - cello, Maria Storm - violin, Victor Sanders - electric & acoustic guitar

Recorded & Mixed by Victor Sanders at Lakeside Media in Chicago, IL

Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles, CA

Produced by Carla Hayden, James Moeller, Victor Sanders

61 Minutes of Music. Two CD's - 7 songs per CD - "The Alternate Boot: Vols. 1 &2"

Track Listing Volume 1: So Clear, Surfer Boy from Illinois, Sadness in the World, I Close My Eyes, Song for Natalie, Last Laugh, Silver Moon

Track Listing Volume 2: Your Shining Eyes, Salty Son, They Don't Really Know, Brown Eyes, Dance a Wave, Hand in Hand, Hand of Grace