White Women

White Women


White Women is loud, heavy, pounding, riff heavy punk rock. We pride ourselves on unpredictability. From every note of our music to our live show, we like to surprise people. White Women is an uncontrollable force of which the likes has never been seen.


Formed in early 2008 from the remnants of the indie rock band Western Legend, White Women is five male friends' labor of love. Inspired by the likes of newer punk music by The Bronx, Hot Snakes, and Pissed Jeans; White Women know the roots still run deeper. From Black Flag to Fugazi to MC5, we've got the bases covered. But what really sets this band apart is the ethic of it all. It's all about expression, and sometimes, that means hurling yourself face forward into your best bro's guitar. No one sees it coming, but when that first chord of that first song is played, everybody knows these five friends gave it all up for rock and roll.


We have a planned 7" single to be released in Mid-July.
We have a planned 7" split with Open Fire (TX) to be released in mid-August.

Set List

We are currently working on our music as this is a new band. We have 2 songs completed with approximately 5 awaiting completion.

We typically play 6 to 7 songs, ranging from 2-4 minutes a piece. We currently play no cover songs. All songs are currently untitled.

1. 3:30
2. 3:15