Whitney Acke

Whitney Acke

 Lexington, Kentucky, USA

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Let Him Go

Written By: Whitney Acke

She sat crying on the front porch,
Wondrin' what to do
Teenage love ain't always easy,
But somehow we make it through
Momma saw her tears and wrapped her hands around
Her daughter's waist,
She said girl, if the boy needs space
You gotta let him

Cause sometimes,
Lovin' means giving up the fight
It might hurt and you may hate it,
But it's just a part of life
You can kick and scream and cry
But it won't change the hands of fate
Just hold on to your faith
And let him go

It was the first day at his new school,
Momma walked the boy to class
Though she knows he has to grow up
It just seems to go so fast
Daddy felt her pain and took her hand
And led her on back home
He said girl, you already know,
You gotta let him go


Years fly by and one heartache just turns into another
From the young girl on the front porch to a little boy's mother

Fifty years go by like nothing
She sat looking at her ring
The doctor's had all told her
They could not do anything
He opened up his eyes one last time,
As she held onto his hand
Then she swore she heard angels from the Promised Land

Let him go,
Let him go,
You're gonna be alright
Let him go