Whitney Ballen

Whitney Ballen

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Whitney Ballen Haunts the PNW with her dreamy and atmospheric voice and distorted electric guitar strums in her new album, FALLS.


Anytime Whitney Ballen launches a new project, it's worth paying attention. For one thing, Ballen is a thoughtful songwriter with a beguiling singing voice that finds good company in Mirah or Joanna Newsom. The songs are striking in their spareness.

The Stranger 

"Put on FALLS as a lullaby, but it's too good to sleep.
Sarah Jurado, Lightness Creative 

"Dreamy, at times atmospheric collection of tracks that resonate with the heart."
Keegan Prosser, Seattle Weekly

I love the simplicity ... the softness, even of the distorted guitar ... quite unexpected, quite intriguing. It has me thinking about times where I sat alone in a darkened apartment, replaying such songs over and over as I looked out the window at Fremont and the Olympic mountains beyond the Sound. I hit repeat. 
Dave OLeary, Northwest Music Scene

An excellent collection of songs based on growing up near Fall City, Washington. "
Chris Burlingame, The SunBreak

"Imagine Joanna Newsom as a ghost, benevolently haunting a cabin in the woods, and you'll get an idea of what the record sounds like."
Kelton Sears, Seattle Weekly 

"Unspoiled, she lets her voice breathe its message without studio enhancement and trickery.
Robin Fairbanks, Guerilla Candy


FALLS 2014

White Feathers, White Linens 2011