Whitney Jones

Whitney Jones


Soul uplifting. Thought provoking. Heart inspiring. That is what the music from Whitney Jones will do. Music that is truly from the soul, laced with R&B grooves, influences of Jazz & Gospel roots, topped off with Funk. The smooth authenticity of her voice will captivate you, one note at a time.


Whitney Jones is representing a new sound. A real sound. She is a nonconformist and does not fit within the cliches of current popular music. She is a dynamic vocalist, who can sing practically anything from jazz, classical, musical theatre, pop, country, funk, blues, gospel, to even r&b and neo soul.

"Producing & creating quality music is a standard that I uphold. I believe in having a spirit of excellence. Any ol' thang just won't do. If I'm going to give you a performance, whether there are 5 people or 5,000 in attendance, you will receive the best show possible," says Whitney. This truth is what sets her apart as a successfully rising R&B/Soul vocalist. She has been influenced by the likes of Rachelle Ferrell, Gladys Knight, Phyllis Hyman, Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott, Prince, The Clark Sisters, & Kirk Franklin.

But it took some training and study to get to this. At the age of five, Whitney knew that music was apart of her purpose, already being able to play by ear on the piano, she began officially taking formal piano lessons. Throughout her childhood, music played a vital role in her development. She still gained experience by performing throughout the community, in talent shows, actively participating in choirs at church, and advanced honors' choruses. For college, she decided to take her craft to the next level by attending & graduating from Berklee College of Music, where she has earned a Bachelor of Music degree from. "I want a career that lasts and stands firm throughout the generations, so the more I evolve, learn and continue to grow as a musician, the more I can offer creatively," she exclaims.

As an avid performer and songwriter, Whitney is currently working on her first studio album, while maintaining a steady performance schedule. She has performed at various venues throughout the New England area. To name a few: Ryles, Blue Wave, The Red Fez, Sidebar Bistro, and was even the first female vocalist, at the historic Wally's Jazz Cafe', to lead a band and host her own night consecutively, which she called "Soulful Sundays."


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