Whitney Lockert

Whitney Lockert

 New York City, New York, USA

Whitney Lockert's witty songs and nimble guitar playing have endeared him to audiences on both coasts. His songs touch on subjects from the idiosyncrasies of the modern Internet age to the seasons of the year, aiming for a delicate balance of seriousness and silliness.


Whitney Lockert is a singer-songwriter whose multi-faceted songs reveal new aspects of themselves with each listening. A prolific writer and musician, Whitney is constantly seeking to incorporate new sounds and ideas, from the sound of a novel guitar tuning to words overheard on the street. Whitney aims to push the boundaries of the traditional singer-songwriter mold even while upholding folk, blues and rock traditions. Where some singers continue to retread blues cliches about riding trains and being born for bad luck, Whitney’s blues cast a wry eye on Facebook and other pitfalls of modern life. And where many confessional songwriters pour their hearts out about the grief sometimes inherent in love and romance, Whitney examines not only the pathos but the humor in such situations. An excellent and versatile guitarist in addition to his singing and writing, Whitney has been known to perform solo, in a duo, in an acoustic trio, and in a full electric band. A full-length solo album should be available in early 2012; meanwhile, his solo EP is available at whitneylockert.bandcamp.com.


Yours to Give

Written By: Whitney Lockert

Take the time to work it out
Don’t give me no run-around.
When you know what it’s all about
Whisper in my ear, don’t shout.

Do your thoughts just twist and turn
Rise and slip away?
I guess some flames will always burn
Others shine and fade.

I won't tell you how to live
Your love is yours to give.
If you want to share your time,
We could share some peace of mind.

Take the time to work it out
Oooh oooh ooh
When you know what it’s all about
Oooh oooh ooh
Whisper in my ear, don’t shout
Whisper in my ear, don’t shout.

Rupert Murdoch

Written By: Whitney Lockert

Rupert Murdoch wants to know my age,
He wants to know my height and weight.
Rupert Murdoch wants to know if I’m taken,
or if I’m free to date.
Rupert Murdoch wants to know my hobbies,
What I watch on TV,
Mr. Murdoch sure wants to know an awful lot about me.

Rupert Murdoch owns a lot of something,
I’m not exactly sure what.
The stuff we see on this here screen,
I guess he gets a cut.
So tell me, Mr. Murdoch,
When will I be free?
Cause you sure do seem to know an awful lot about me.

Rupert Murdoch owns your friends,
He knows your enemies.
Rupert Murdoch’s sitting pretty,
Pretty as you please.

Rupert Murdoch is a very rich man,
Yeah I could use some of that money.
I’d buy myself a brand new house
With a plasma screen TV.
So I could watch all Rupert Murdoch’s shows,
And throw fabulous parties.
And my spacey friends can come along and have a real good time with me.


Songs From an Afternoon, 2006.