Whiz Bang Three

Whiz Bang Three


Saline and sultry, Whiz Bang Three's two female singers and bluesy rhythm section float folk-pop jetsam over a heady undercurrent of rock and roll. These fluid, soulful sounds echo an unlikely emulsion of Amy Winehouse, Indigo Girls and RHCP, while always charting a course for their own territories.


A Reference Guide
Perhaps these handy definitions will help clarify what the band is all about:

Pop: The sound of a sudden sharp explosion.

Blues: A feeling of sadness or depression.

Folk: From the Old English meaning "common people"

Alternative: A situation which allows a choice between two or more possibilities.

WB3: Five piece, female fronted Washington DC band incorporating pop, blues, folk and alt-rock into their energetic and soulful sound. In other words, a sudden, sharp explosion resulting in a feeling of sadness that leaves the common people with a choice between two possibilities: rock or die.

A Few Sound Bites
"That song was playing and it hypnotized me. I was hypnotized." - Insomnia Radio Baltimore co-host Tim's on-air comment on 'Life List'

"Infusing rock, jazz, blues and a lot of soul into their debut EP Best Original Jumbo Slice, Whiz Bang is out to prove that unconventional is the new norm." - The Acoustic District

Some illustrious venues/stations graced by WB3:
219, 14U, Artomatic, Comet, DC9, Galaxy Hut, Insomnia Radio Baltimore, Modern Times, Nat'l Cherry Blossom Festival, Quarry House, The Red & The Black, Rock and Roll Hotel, Smithsonian Folklife Festival (Smithsonian Staff Picnic,) Solly's, Women of Substance Radio, WRUV University of Vermont.


Life List (Radio Cut)

Written By: Mike Wolf, Maureen Nelson, Curren McLane

Did ’ya ever wonder?
Did ‘ya ask?
Did ‘ya know?
Did ‘ya take a step back?
Did ‘ya fake?
Did ‘ya glow?
Did ‘ya knock a peg down?
Did ‘ya take a look around?
Did ‘ya fall to the ground?
Did ‘ya sink?

Did ‘ya let go?
Did ‘ya shrink?
Did ‘ya crow?
Did ‘ya have a bit more?
Did ‘ya bust?
Did ‘ya flow?
Did ‘ya ever wonder why?
Ever even try?
Question, who am I?
Did ‘ya think?

Did ‘ya get some?
Did ‘ya scream?
Did ‘ya cum?
Did ‘ya go five to one?
Did ‘ya wait?
Did ‘ya run?
Did ‘ya try positions?
Did ‘ya rise with the sun?
Did ‘ya use protection?
Did ‘ya sync?

Did ‘ya push back?
Did ‘ya hint?
Did ‘ya test?
Did ‘ya stand to the wall?
Did ‘ya blush?
Did ‘ya guess?
Did ‘ya run with the best?
Forward your address?
Rush to confess?
Did ‘ya sing?

Did ‘ya break down?
Did ‘ya swim?
Did ‘ya drown?
Did ‘ya shake it all around?
Did ‘ya fray?
Did ‘ya frown?
Did ‘ya rise to the test?
Did ‘ya give it your best?
Did ‘ya say, fuck the rest?
Did ‘ya wink?

Did ‘ya call it like it is?
Did ‘ya sulk?
Did ‘ya give?
Did ‘ya break down the scene?
Did ‘ya borrow?
Did ‘ya fib?
Did ‘ya cry kingdom come?
Leave the bed undone?
Gloat when you won?
Did ‘ya preen?

Throw a double down
Reconcile the sound
Digga diga now now
Diggi digga digga
Now now
Misconstrue the how
Take another bow
Abdicate the crown
But give it to me now now
They jumped so high they hit the sky
They wont come back ‘till fourth July
Life’s like this so make a list
Before you find just what you missed

Did ’ya ever wonder?
Did ‘ya ask?
Did ‘ya know?
Did ‘ya take a step back?
Did ‘ya wake?
Did ‘ya grow?
Did ‘ya break it all down?
Did ‘ya think it was profound?
Did ‘ya live the life you found?
Did ‘ya blink?


Mission: Cacophony, 2009
Best Original Jumbo Slice, 2008
Modern Times Compilation "100% Local Music", 2008

Set List

Set range: 30 to 90 minutes.

Do You Love Me Still?
Give, Take, Stop, Fake (So It Shall Be)
Lay Me Down
Life List
Longest Goodbye
The Mousetrap
Once Upon a Time
The Other Side
Over You
Sweet Seventeen
Take Me Home
Wedding Invitation
What's the Story?
Wound Up Tightly