GROOVE-- a pronounced enjoyable rhythm FUSION-- a merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole, like popular music combining different styles (as jazz and rock) NOTION-- a theory or belief held by a person or group such as, TO INTENSELY, ENTERTAIN YOU.


Who Are We, Mr. "P"? This question was first asked three years ago in a garage-turned-studio on a back road in Harnett County, NC. Back then, the room was filled with eleven talented men and women coming together for the first time, with the sole purpose of creating a sound that was as distinctive and unique as the ones performing it. That same question probably lingered in the mind of PUNCHO FORREST when he called the first meeting of the band. But there was no doubt in what he wanted to happen. For this was a dream he had held through all of his years as a musician, from the days of gospel groups and bands, to Heaters and Big Bertha, and all the other moments that flowed in that wave. Now was the opportunity to rise above and away from just the ebb and flow of the music. Now he would create a tsumami that would change the course and shape of everything it touched.
These days, the band is a little smaller, and they have house parties (practice sessions) that are lively and productive. It was during the course of the band's transitions that the term "GROOVEFUSIONNOTION" was born. It was nectar in the music being produced. The band had developed a strong following from their shows, thanks to their high energy performances and their specific twists on cover tunes, as well as the charismatic flair of structures in their original music. Among it's many appearances, the band has performed at private parties, music festivals (Beaufort Music Festival, Beaufort, NC, and the Dogwood Festival, Fayetteville, NC), a Hell's Angels Birthday Party, John J's in Fayetteville, NC, and has opened for "old school" R&B artist, ROY C. This range of venues and audiences provides substantial evidence of the band's diversity and the styles of music it plays. This, of course, speaks true to PUNCHO'S capabilities as a producer and arranger, but it also reaches deep into the band's numerous influences.
In addition, the band is recognized in the community for assisting groups and organizations that advocate the awareness and prevention of domestic and sexual violence and abuse. The group is available for a variety of fundraisers and special events and has appeared in events sponsored by other notable organizations, such as the local library, arts council, and other selected community organizations. The band takes pride in its community, and they attempt to represent its intense diversity in their shows.
It has been said that "Who Are We?" is a reflection of "who we are". If so, then it truly reflects that portion of our lives that is filled with joy, laughter, and friendship. And that makes life a "GROOVEFUSIONNOTION"

Set List


Pass The Peas -- James Brown
Sex Machine
Use Me -- Bill Withers
Circles -- Billy Preston
Low Rider -- War
Slipping Into Darkness
Jungle Boogie -- Kool and the Gang
Get Down On It
Carlene's Groove -- Carlene's Band
Cissy Strut -- Funky Meters
Someone's Knocking at the Door -- The Beatles
You Can Make It If You Try -- Sly & Family Stone
I Want to Take You Higher
Ectasy -- Barry White
The Bottle -- Gil Scott Heron
I'd Rather Be With You -- Bootsy Collins
Brick House -- Commodores
Black Magic Woman -- Santana
Communication -- Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Harmones In My Headphones -- Victor Wooten
Tin Man -- America
Bustin' Loose -- EU
Tear The Roof Off -- Parliament
Chameleon -- Herbie Hancock
Fly Like An Eagle -- Steve Miller Band
Harder They Come --
I Like To Party --
Mustang Sally --
Smooth Operator -- Sade'
Brown Eyed Girl -- Van Morrison
Mercy, Mercy, Me --


Cool Day
Life Time
Beethoven's G