Whoa! She's a Babe

Whoa! She's a Babe


The quartet is led by the classic voice of a bluesy rock and roll party. The Pop driven tempo get its credibility from the dual guitars playing desert style riffs. They rarely let up through their catalog, providing strong toe tapping, head bobbing rhythms.


Boys will be boys... Whoa! She's A Babe are spiking the musical punchbowl with their unapologetic party rock...This band of brothers is comprised of Ryan Goodwin (Vocals), Graham Pence (Guitar), Jordan Irwin (Guitar) and Ryan Steward (Drums)... Musically they are influenced by classic riff rock and raw guitar driven rhythms, and write songs about celebration, friendships, babes, and abandon... They bottle their inspired tunes from the boozy rock bars of Vancouver, where you can find any one of these characters raising a glass as a salute to those that rock...


Another Drink Babe (single)
Popcorn and Pushups (single)
El Guapo (single)

New video and more singles coming very soon.

Set List

All songs around 3:30 minutes.

Popcorn and Pushups
Down Below
Run Boy Run
El Guapo
Another Drink Babe
How The West Was One
Half Moon Bay
Shoulder Mic

Full set 45 minutes