Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Whoa!Tiger released their second album, "Long Road To Reason" in May 2010. W!T plays an eclectic set of original rock music, with tastes of funk, blues, pop-rock, reggae and alt-country tossed around for good measure. It's "kitchen sink rock", with something for everybody!


Each member of the band comes from different musical settings -- Jack, the jam band scene; Dan from pop-rock to alt-country; Erik from R&B and hard rock bands; and Eric, straight up rock with an affinity for prog rock. We took all those influences and play what we like -- dynamic rock that's not redundant, and keeps listeners interested and on their feet.


"Truth Serum and Forgetfulness," March 2009
"Long Road To Reason", May 2010

Set List

We play 45-minute to 90-minute sets of all-original music.

Current set includes:
One-Sided Love Affair
Road Blues
Break the Haze
She Moves Me
Big Lies
How Will I Know?
Calm After the Storm
Left Off
You Have It All
Sweet Jenny
WWJBD (What Would James Brown Do?)
Big Mouth
Show Me
Long Road to Reason