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Oakland, California, United States | SELF

Oakland, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Funk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Broadway Studios Show Review"

Show Comment by Michelle Hoover

"Awesome Awesome Awesome (have I said awesome?)

Great show last night guys. and....apologies to anyone who missed that slammin' Broadway Studios performance =) " - Myspace.com

"CD Baby Listener Review"

Author: Jessy
I think all of us at one point or another, especially those of us who are not teenagers anymore, feel that a lot of the new music coming out does not even shine a light to the music we grew up with i.e. Sublime or old Metallica, or even the music from our parents generation and preceding generations. Then every once in a while a band or an artist comes around that restores your faith in new talent and music. For me, right now, that band is WHOGAS with their recently released, self titled album. This album is the type of music that you can play while sitting in rush hour traffic and not be miserable because at least you your time is well spent enjoying good ass music. The individual musicians in this band are obviously both talented and creative so it makes sense that when they combined their skills the music becomes an eclectic and creative work of art. Additionally, the Lyrics are intelligent and relate directly to the real emotions we all feel and thoughts we all contemplate. This album is a purchase that will not be regretted. Special note for men: There is one song on this album, For Lease, that I promise would touch any girl’s heart, especially a girl who can appreciate some damn good music. The lyrics are amazing and I feel reflect the words that any woman would want to hear. The music, which contains a glockenspiel (look it up), is serene and beautiful. Just listening to that song makes me feel like I am on the beach, with a Corona, next to a sexy man who is just adoring me. I can almost guarantee that if you play this song for a woman she will have a great reaction. : )
- cdbaby.com

"wHgAS - oH HELL Yeah"

Author: Bruce Clinton
I am a member of generation who survived and appreciated the musical storms and the fiery innovation of the 1960’s. My generation opened the musical and artistic door to the generations of musical talent to who follow. Typically, I find most contemporary music lacking. Most contemporary “music” is substantially lacking in terms of substance and foundation. As a music consumer and advocate, I am looking for some thing edgy and that has enough bite to keep the lyrics and the musical theme running through my head for hours. I need motivational, yet real music like the Stones, Metalica, ColdPlay, Led Zeppelin, Tower Of Power, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Talking Heads, the Doors and Carlos Santana. WhoGas gives me that bite of raw musical meat and a little grizzle to chew on to boot. WhoGas provides that…hit it really hard driving beat - buoyed by a steamy combination of vocals and a guitar/ bass symbiotic relationship that I need to stay engaged. With its hard core, nearly primal beat foundation, it’s smoky, whiskey bar lyrics, WhoGas delivers up a degree of musical talent and performance achievement which, in my humble opinion, is unparalleled in today’s musical venue. This band has captured my attention and will go, yes…..will go far…these guys are the future of ROCK!

- cdbaby.com

"Whogas and its Musical Getaway"

November 25, 2009 >

Whogas and its musical getaway
By David J. Nicolas

Whogas has played its reggae-inspired rock all over the Bay Area: Mojo Lounge in Fremont, UC Berkeley and a nudist colony in Los Gatos. But for Brandon Valatka, guitarist and lyricist for Whogas, the band's performance at the Emergenza Festival in San Francisco will be one he will never forget.

"It was exciting. There were a lot of good bands involved and we didn't expect to win. We were definitely shocked and happy," Valatka said.

Last year, Oakland's Whogas impressed a panel of judges and voting audience members to beat nearly 200 bands in the annual Emergenza battle of the bands showcase. The trio's final performance at the Great American Musical Hall solidified their title of best band in Northern California.

Before playing the same stage once graced by Duke Ellington and Grateful Dead, bassist Dano Porter and Valatka began their musical ventures in a Newark Memorial High School music class. Their collaborations outside of the classroom led to the birth of Whogas.

In 2006, after the departure of the Whogas' former drummer, Valatka and Porter attracted Union City-native Chris Paxton to fill in their percussion needs. The trio has been playing shows around the Bay Area ever since.

Paxton not only proved to be masterful behind the drum kit, but also an excellent sound engineer. Earlier this year, the band recorded its first full-length album in Paxton's studio in Oakland where he works and lives.

"A lot of the songs were already written," Paxton said. "Some of the arrangements got changed around. For the new songs, we just jammed on an idea." The recording process was as smooth as one of the band's tracks.

"Our song writing would never finish if we didn't have good communication," Porter said of the Whogas' chemistry. "We all drop our egos and try to be optimistic and productive,"

Its clear Whogas' first studio album isn't just another laid-back, reggae release. Each instrument stays meticulously busy in every song, expanding Whogas' sound as if it was more than trio. The band favors soaring guitar solos and delves in heavy, sometimes raucous breakdowns and finales. Most songs on the 11-track album are more than three minutes.

After wishing for peace from the daily grind in "More 2 life," a smooth, rock 'n' roll pop reverie; Whogas explores lyrical and musical depth.

"Love of Gold" and its initial mellow beginning juxtaposes the singer's questioning of media and government, "What they want you to depend on is spend on all your ends on / It's everything they're shoving down your throat ... power and control are rooted in their love of gold."

The very next track, "No Matter The Weather," is a jazzy and seemingly improvised back-and-forth of musical virtuosity between Paxton's cascade of drums and Porter and Valatka's punchy riffs. The spontaneity of the rhythm changes and varying, blooming sections are endearing the whole way through.

The band plans to start recording its second album in December. According to the band, the new album will be an opportunity for it to expand its sound without adhering to specific genres.

"You can never master music because there is always somewhere you can explore," Porter said.

- Tri-City Voice

"CD Release"

February 3, 2009

For Immediate Release

The countdown to February 6th is on and only days away. Where will you be when the musical Tsunami WHOGAS drops their latest CD? If you are down for a kick-ass good time and into hearing funky soul mixed with cool vibes and a super slap bass-you will be at Club Six in San Francisco.

This power house trio is based in Oakland, CA. WHOGAS has been playing shows around the Bay Area for the past three years. Putting on high energy performances for their loyal and ever growing fan base, WHOGAS has been blowing ‘em away with songs that range from personal to political since 2006.

WHOGAS has an original sound and style that that sets them apart from passing trends and fads of current musical genre.

The CD release party for their highly anticipated self titled album on February 6th 2009, will showcase WHOGAS as they step up their game, ignite the after burners and burn down the house!

The information:


WHERE: Club Six
60 Sixth St.
hidden between
San Francisco, CA 94103

WHAT: WHOGAS CD release party

WHY: Because WHOGAS is a breath of fresh air and it’s Chris Paxton’s 25th birthday!

- Karissa Bergerson


1. Bakers Dozen - EP - 2007
2. Whogas - LP - 2009
3. Pick Me Up (Single) - 2010



This power trio hit the Bay Area in 2006 when long time song writing and performance partners; bassist Dano Porter & guitar/vocalist, Brandon Valatka joined forces with drummer Chris Paxton to form…WHOGAS.

WHOGAS is based in Oakland, CA and is one of the most musically entertaining and uniquely talented bands to emerge on the music scene in decades!

WHOGAS has been playing shows throughout California, putting on high-energy performances for their loyal and ever-growing fan base.

This hard working, fun loving band won first place in the San Francisco Emergenza Music Festival at the Great American Music Hall. After winning the finals for the US Northwest Region WHOGAS went on to perform at Hollywood's famous Key Club. Powerlines Productions featured their music on Surfline.com, including Maverick’s Opening Day 2009.

Musical influences include rock, funk, reggae, jazz, soul and hip-hop. Songs range from personal to political. Geared up and good to go, keep your eyes and ears on WHOGAS as this trio continues its musical revolution with their sophomore album release "Pick Me Up" coming Winter 2012.