Oakland, California, USA

Reggae on the Rocks with a twist of Funk! In a world of passing trends WHOGAS stays true to their sound and style. Their music combines the gritty vocals and guitar of Brandon, with dynamic bass riffs from Dano and heart pounding drums from Chris. Theres no denying they are uncanny live!


This power trio hit the Bay Area in 2006 when long time song writing and performance partners; bassist Dano Porter & guitar/vocalist, Brandon Valatka joined forces with drummer Chris Paxton to form…WHOGAS.

WHOGAS is based in Oakland, CA and is one of the most musically entertaining and uniquely talented bands to emerge on the music scene in decades!

WHOGAS has been playing shows throughout California, putting on high-energy performances for their loyal and ever-growing fan base.

This hard working, fun loving band won first place in the San Francisco Emergenza Music Festival at the Great American Music Hall. After winning the finals for the US Northwest Region WHOGAS went on to perform at Hollywood's famous Key Club. Powerlines Productions featured their music on Surfline.com, including Maverick’s Opening Day 2009.

Musical influences include rock, funk, reggae, jazz, soul and hip-hop. Songs range from personal to political. Geared up and good to go, keep your eyes and ears on WHOGAS as this trio continues its musical revolution with their sophomore album release "Pick Me Up" coming Winter 2012.


Love of Gold

Written By: B. Valatka

we’re living a land of confusion
our leaders and the media bambzool’n
telling us one and one makes three
instead of you and me
smoke and mirrors and slight of hand
feeding us lines like “united we stand”
but i don’t see no unity between the streets
and the gated communities

cuz what they want you to depend on
and spend all your ends on
is everything they’re shoving down your throat

and what they want you to rely on
it’s what they get high on
power and control
all rooted in their love of gold

everything we’re doing today
creates tomorrow’s time
and the questions we don’t know about
are the answers we can’t find
all them bombs and all them lies
we need to be defusing
because power in the hands of a mad man
means that we’re all loosing

All 4's

Written By: B. Valatka

i see you lookin at me from across the room
you smile wink and I know soon
we’ll be alone nobody’s home
see i just want to love ya
and treat you oh so nice
so come with me baby girl gonna do you right
light some candles gonna
take it oh so slow
music’s playn slow jams on the radio
and we got everything we need
right now just you and me

now time’s frozen the wheels in motion
we ebb and flow just like the ocean
waves of bliss all started with a kiss
you drive me crazy sexy lady
if looks could kill better write my will
i leave it all to you baby
cuz you got me heart and soul intellectual
yet so physical
and i been waitin all night just to get you alone
so here we are right now gonna get it on

booty shakin on top of those shapely legs
playing all kinds of games with my head
what i got to do just to get with you
she got me hypnotized with her looks and her style
and her smile and her vibe
and pretty soon we gonna get it on

No Matter the Weather

Written By: B. Valatka

here i go again
my heart drips from my pen
as i try and dig up my soul
from under the rubble of all the mistakes that i’ve made
all the pain that i saved for you so
i appeal to your forgiving heart
cuz i know from the start you were true
to all the statements you stated and feelings related
and now you’re so jaded
and i feel that
my fears have come back to haunt me

so here you are now recollection so keen
and you’re feeling your dreams have been stolen
by the one that you love cuz when push came to shove
i was lost in your heart so golden
and broken by all your life’s passers by
all the times that you tried in vain
to get the best of your time but all you could find
was frustration and growing pain
but it aint you
it’s the evil that men do

i’m doing the best that I can
standing here with my heart in my hand
oh baby just begging you to see that
i aint perfect and neither are you
but that’s just about all that we can do
is just get along

so here we are now
all these hopes in our hands
and our swords double edged so real
and things didn’t turn out the way that we planned it but baby
i never wanted you to feel so alone or left out in the cold
cuz you know that I got you all day
so lets just stick together no matter the weather
and we will be on our way out of here
for the rest of our lives

G Spot

Written By: B. Valatka

come on caress me down
with the sounds of soul
wana to do it to you right
wana do it like a pro
fulfilling fantasy making dreams reality
so bring your love
all ya girls and boys
come on get it together
come on bring the noise

ride the rhythm till your body aches
get in tune with the guitar drums and base
set your spirit free
touch what you think hear feel and see
cuz in the end you only get what you spend
so you better give all you got
then the music makes love to ya
dancing on your g spot

so do you fiend for release
well let me break you off a piece
of some hard hittin bass driven beats
the kind that go down smooth
lick you where it counts straight up in the groove
cuz we’re doin it for us and we’re doin it for you
and we love it when we see the party people movin
so don’t be shy get on the floor
and kiss your ass goodbye

as the music elevates
lifting you up to a dream like state
then the world disappears
and the walls collapse around your fears
now you’re ready to receive what you feel and see
so prepare for the final blow
the name’s liberation
and I’m here to help you let go

For Lease

Written By: B. Valatka

there’s a place inside my soul that’s been empty and cold for so long
there’s a room inside your mind that’s been closed to the unkind
too many times done wrong
life has taught me love and your touch is like the sun
fills that empty place
and i won’t try to pick your locks or push in any way
guess what i need to say
is i got room for you

i’ll hold you close when you get cold
you never have to be alone
just call on me
and i’d let you go a thousand times just to watch you fly
see your heart run free
and i’ll be there to kiss away your pain
and i won’t leave when blue skies give way to rain
you gotta trust the love within your heart
and soon you’ll see
if you got room for me

when i hold you close at night
you know i’ll love you forever
cuz when i’m lookin into your eyes
i know we’ll get through any weather
if its rain or shine sun or snow
we got things to see
we got places to go
so let’s get that together

Green Sun

Written By: B. Valatka

there is a green sun shining in the midnight sky
there is a red moon hiding in the dragons eye
there is a black sea concealing mystery
and there is a green sun
showing me the way back home

to the liquid air ethereal scene
that’s right outside your windows
at rest unbound new found true peace
the music rides on a light beam
there is a green sun
burning a hole in the sky tonight
and there is a green sun
now i know that i’m never gonna die

up in the black hills
them people lookin across them bad lands
they love the spirits
so they know the white sky cant trap them
behind the sunrise
lies the womb of a lady creation
and there is a green sun
showin me i’m gonna move on

to the next big trip when existence flips
where time turns inside out and collapses
where one is all and all is one
what heaven does when it dances
and there is a green sun
burning a hole in the sky tonight


Written By: B. Valatka

this one goes to the forgotten song
this one goes to the one left behind
to the one who only live in love
to the one who never tell no lies
and this one goes to the big mystery
and everything that bleeds
this one goes true to the people
this is the one that plants the seed
here's to you

this one goes to the spokesman
who lies for his government
by words he's bound and gagged
this one goes to the news man
giving the message he's fed
by the man who runs the media
casting his image in your head

don't believe the hype children
seek true knowledge

here's to you people pushing out the bullshit
pushing for the love
people giving it the best they can
i don't wanna fake moves
on my brothers and sisters
so i'll say it straight up
so all can understand

why do i say this shit
because it's given to me
so now i give it to you
because i want you to see
it's all love
one race
and respect for one's space
if you came to compete
then get the fuck out my face

this one goes to the creator
of universe and music
to the earth, moon and sun
and everything that lives within

this one goes to the family
nuestra cosa
this one goes to where you're going
and this one goes to where you're from

once again i gotta thank my friends
for the love
sayin' word to hip hop, rock and the funk
for the inspiration, lesions and the memories
and i gotta thank god for helping me to see
and it don’t stop there it’s nothing short of a miracle
to receive gifts musical and lyrical
and i gotta try to survive and stay alive
cuz i’m aiming for your soul
so lets see where we can go

Things Will Change

Written By: B. Valatka

the winds changed route today
and the man in the middle lost his way
into oblivion
he found out that way
things will change

thought she was in love
baby came now daddy’s gone
and she’s seen better days, yes she has
its just a shame that she found out that way
things will change

sixteen years old and suicidal
life seemed too heavy for the lad
no one ever explained that things would change
no one took the time to explain
and now it’s too late

More 2 Life

Written By: B. Valatka

you wake up most days before the sun rise
half awake and sleepy eyed
head out the door and to the grind
go and break your back to make that dough
feed the family, fuel the soul
knowing where you need to go
you just run to the river run to the woods
run to the hills and its all good
and maybe find some piece of mind
run to the ocean wild and free
gimme a call, you can ride with me
before you loose your mind

this rat race can drive you crazy, crazy
lost in a maze
i know that there’s more to life
than this running in circles chasing your tail
so much time is wasted on superficial means

so you back your things up inside the truck
hit the road, you done give a fuck
about nothing no, no
nothing but the open road
and the destination that makes you feel alive inside
so come on
come on, come on lets take that ride

and know i got to fly away from here
before i lose control
stop pinning down my soul

i’ve been workin so hard
sometimes i don’t know just where my money be goin, no
until i see my family bellies full and smiling up at me
that’s when we run to the river, run to the woods
run with each other keeping it all good
cuz we got to find some time away from this crazy life


Written By: B. Valatka

she was a superstar
and all the fellas saw her movies
she was a superstar
a teenage runaway

she was a lonely girl
lookin for the answers to her questions
she wasn't ready when
them answers came

she got me singin
i wish i never even laid my eyes on her
i wish i never even knew her name

she was a superstar
livin in the fast lane full of pressure
but she was a superstar
and she didn't want to slow down

she was a young girl
doin experiments on her body
she was a young girl
and i heard she got around

he was a young and rude boy
and she was his toy
and she thought she needed him
to show her the way
to shine bright
so she would be recognized
by the other superstars
that she wanted to get close to

but then she realized
she didn't need him anyway
she already had it made
this was the best day of her life

she got the real fine walk now
she got that silky sex talk now
she got all the right moves now
she learned a thing or two now
she writes her own script now
cuz she knows the language
and life is a trip now
not just another place that she landed
and i don't blame her for a single thing

she was a superstar


1. Bakers Dozen - EP - 2007
2. Whogas - LP - 2009
3. Pick Me Up (Single) - 2010

Set List

Our sets can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. We custom tailor the sets depending on the show. We occasionally do covers to add a twist to our set but focus more on our music.