The Californian

The Californian

 Los Angeles, California, USA


Perhaps one of the hardest working indie bands in Los Angeles, The Californian is pleased to announce their self-titled debut album, available this September.

Formed in 2007 by vocalist John Graney, the Californian was born from Graney's dream of creating a modern day surf act. The early years of the young band saw a galore of line-up changes with members of Phantom Planet, Warpaint, The Bird and the Bee, and The Henry Clay People, coming and going. However, with four years under their belts, the Californian's lineup has solidified with guitarists Jonathan Price and Darren Robinson, drummer Michael Hopkins, and bassist Jake Gideon.

Without the help and comfort of a label, The Californian's hardworking D.I.Y. aesthetic has proven to be beneficial during their first four years of existence. Following the self-release of the band's 2010 EP 'Sea of Love' and a plethora of West Coast gigs, The Californian took to fan funding platform Kickstarter to raise the money for their debut full-length. Within 45 days, the band not only made the $5,000 in which they set out to raise, but surpassed their goal with a total of $9,238.

With vocals and guitars seeped in reverb and gritted with sand, the new 12 song collection of dreamy surf rock provides the perfect soundtrack to a modern day sock hop. Recorded at Dave's Room in North Hollywood, the album was produced by Jeff Halbert (Nick Cave, St. Vincent, Rickie Lee Jones) and mastered by JJ Golden (Sonic Youth, Puro Instincto, Superchunk). While The Californian are celebrated for their summery surf riffs, the band is surely not a one trick pony. Songs like "Who Killed The Lights" and "A Billion Grains of Sand" showcase the band's gorgeous, sun drenched harmonies and energy fueled arrangements while "Girl in the Moon Pt. 1" exemplifies the bands' ability to produce an infectious down tempo clap-along song.
The Californian feels like a band I would have obsessed over in junior high so much that I would've had their entire catalog memorized by the first day of my freshman year. I would've probably scribbled random lyrics of theirs on the inside covers of my notebooks. I would've probably played air drums waiting for the bell to ring to their syncopative surf rhythms. I would've more than likely had a homemade T-shirt that only die hard fans would understand the meaning.

In crafting their first full-length album, The Californian have created a record infused with a quintessential west coast sound. From the opening track to the very last there’s a consistently high quality to these songs and a heartfelt honesty that remains with you long after you’ve first listened to them. It’s a small ray of Californian sunshine amid a damp British summer, and an absolute gem of an album.

The intensity these guys produce on stage is infectious. I reckon there weren’t many people at The Viper Room who even knew who The Californian were initially, but after seeing them perform had no doubts about whether or not they liked them

The Californian is, fittingly enough a Los Angeles band. With elements of western tinged rock, soulful vocals
and catchy melodies. The dual guitarists locked in an interwoven
progression that quickly caught my attention. Front man, John Graney had a presence and a passion, which
enraptured the audience. The song writing, while completely pop sensible, is also complex emotionally and structurally. I was impressed with the instrumental breakdowns and the chord choices.

The Californian, a five-piece act that sounded like Joy Division if they grew up in So. Cal. and played surf rock. The band from California played a series of catchy songs and their charismatic front man made it impossible to ignore them.

A little bit surf rock, a little bit power pop, The Californian elevate West coast, summer music to something like art with Sea of Love, their recent EP. The tune “NaNaNa” starts like a light yet moody emo piece, but quickly becomes an all-out celebration of summer with its melodic, Beatles-esque chant of a chorus. The song’s surprising combination of sounds thrill like summer itself—the fun comes from not knowing which way the journey will turn or where it’ll end up, while enjoying it all the way.

March 20, She Wants Revenge brought a little known L.A. band with them: The Californian.
And while band members John Graney, Jon Price, Jake Gideon, Mike Hopkins and Darren Robinson all have experience in other groups, they’ve been working on this dark, but poppy, surf rock project since 2010.
After March 20, with the help of their adoring new fans