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Whole Wheat Bread


Like their forefathers Bad Brains, Whole Wheat Bread are doing their part to redefine punk boundaries for a whole new generation. Dirty South Punk Rock / American Crunkrock.


Jacksonville, Florida punk band Whole Wheat Bread has just released their debut album "Minority Rules" on Fighting Records, through an exclusive deal with Lumberjack Distribution. The album was produced by Darian Rundall (Pennywise, Yellowcard) and features eleven blistering punk anthems, plus three bonus tracks by WWB's hip-hop alter egos Nasty Nigga Fleetwood, DJ Dirtee Skeet and Mr. Whitefolks. The album showcases the band’s traditional punk influences, which range from Bad Brains to Green Day and Rancid. Filled with hammering guitar rhythms and one irresistible hook after another, MINORITY RULES reflects this young urban punk group’s life experiences.

WWB was formed by vocalist/guitarist Aaron Abraham. “People joke about us looking like NWA but sounding like Green Day,“ says Abraham, “but I’d say we live our lives naturally somewhere in between that--edgy, but full of emotion. I got into Green Day at a young age, which was exactly the same time I started playing guitar.”

Abraham is a native of Trinidad. At a young age, his parents moved his family to the Miami area. “We were broke and we lived in the worst ghetto areas of Miami for most of my life.” Aaron’s parents wanted him to have a good education so they drove him over 30 minutes every morning to a predominantly white school near Miami Beach where he discovered punk rock. “But at the end of day, I still came home to my "NWA" neighborhood,” Aaron explains.

Aaron would later move to Jacksonville where he would meet bassist/vocalist Nicholas Largen, another young black musician. “I actually met Nick to pursue a rap career,” says Abraham. “He was making beats and videos, and people were telling me to holla at him. I found out he played guitar, so I asked him if he could play bass. He could. So we decided to forget the rapping.”

Timing was right as Nicholas had up until that point lived a pretty rough life, even serving more than a year in prison with 17 felony convictions on his record. Whole Wheat Bread was the perfect opportunity for him to turn his life around. “I've learned that when push comes to shove and you feel like breaking the law, your ass will pay,” states Largen. “So now I try not to break the law and instead spend more time focusing on improving our music, cause at least that will keep my ass out of jail.”

Abraham would soon learn that Nick’s brother Joe played drums and the lineup was complete. Drummer Joe Largen says, “Being in a band with my brother is great. We’ve been playing together since middle school and musically we can read each other’s minds. Plus, someone has to be there to keep him out of prison!”

In their short time together as a band, they’ve already shared the stage with some impressive acts including the Suicide Girls, Emanuel, Allister, From Autumn to Ashes, Glasseater, Suicide Machines, Lucky Boy's Confusion, Inspection 12, Mustard Plug, Bloody Midgets Wrestling, Authority Zero, The Toasters, Sevendust and Long Beach Shortbus, among others.

In 2005, WWB are out to conquer! The band plans to hit the campaign trail hard and that means a solid year of touring ahead both in the U.S. and abroad. The album is also scheduled for an early 2005 release in Japan on Ambience Records/CRJapan (the same company that exclusively handles Fat Wreck Chords in Japan).


Label/Management Contact:
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"Minority Rules" (Fighting Records)

Set List

WWB typically plays a 45 minute - 1 hr. set of original punk rock. For special events and longer sets, they'll sometimes throw in covers and will play a hip-hop set in addition to their punk set. They can do up to a 2 hr set. They are not a cover band and any material they perform by other artists is strictly stuff they dig.