Whom Do You Work For?

Whom Do You Work For?


Whom Do You Work For? intertwines the expected rock trio physicality of attack/sustain with indirect electronic sounds more often found in the production process. Their live show weaves the two to create an atmosphere of sound that is both naturally progressive and wholly uncertain in space.


Whom Do You Work For? began in 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana as a guitar, bass and percussion trio, drawing inspiration from New Orleans’ rich funk tradition and marrying those ideas to the austerity and aggression of post-punk.

After writing a full set of songs and recording their debut single, Whom changed directions, reinterpreting their canon as a duo featuring Bradley Black on electronics and vocals and Jonathan Hight on percussion. This new appropriation of electronic elements led the band into more more manic and experimental territory, culminating in the release of their Bird’s Nest EP in the Fall of 2011.

Whom suddenly found themselves under an umbrella with like-minded, progressive musicians at the Merged Music Series. This weekly ambient and experimental music night attracts a varied community of New Orleans musicians and performers who embrace progressive, technology-centric methods of composition.

In this collaborative environment, Bradley and Jonathan met Isidro Robinson, a recent transplant to New Orleans whose maximalist, loop-heavy solo performances also found a home at Merged Music Series. After playing their first show as a trio in January of 2012, Bradley, Jonathan, and Isidro spent the better half of 2012 writing and recording the Panic EP. This latest release marked a new peak of complexity and refinement in Whom's unique, ever-evolving sound.


Panic EP- September 13, 2012
Bird's Nest EP- November 19, 2011
Dig/Keep Up Single- August 02, 2011