Eddie McHugh

Eddie McHugh


From the depths of suburbia on the edge of poverty and take out pizza. This album is a stripped down soulful take on life and death. Eddie McHugh brings his life into his debut release. Raw drums, bass and vocals and Eddie's thoughts, Whoopy Do


Eddie McHugh is an artist who has been making music and lending his bass guitar skills to other artists for years.

Eddie McHugh was born and spent the first 13 years of his life in Miami Florida until his family moved to West Palm Beach. His brother Brian was a drummer and before long Eddie started jamming the saxophone with Brian's bands. His father James McHugh died when Eddie was 16. That’s when Eddie picked up the bass and never let go. Writing became an important release in Eddie's life. Playing music and writing is all Eddie did after his father’s death, all the time feeling drawn towards the entertainment industry. Eddie has worked as a union stagehand and found his way on the air at some radio stations after graduating broadcasting school. All the time writing his own songs and featuring them in the groups he was working with.

The sentiment of Jim's death never left him which comes out in his music. His pop even makes an appearance in the track "Life Wanders" where you hear sound clips from childhood trips to Pittsburgh. “Everyone has their own self dialogue; mine happens to be influenced a lot by pop, so when I feel something I go to the guitar and that's what this C.D. is" says Eddie.

Eddie is also a music producer and owns his own studio in South Florida, but he is an artist first.

These songs are a raw look into Eddie's life growing up and possibly the future. “I don't cloud my songs with effects and big leads, it's just an honest reflection of what I like to think about sometimes."

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Eddie McHugh - Whoopy Do
Universal Focus - Grey Skies
The Big Sound - Jerry Martin

Set List

4+7, Tired, Come Home, Stuff, Remembering, Lost
What They Gown Do, Point Up, These original Tracks plus old and new songs including some jam performances.