"Wisdom Speeks"

"Wisdom Speeks"

 Lanham, Maryland, USA

It's not R&B, Jazz, Reggae, Go-Go, Latin, Soul or Funk ... but it is all of that "ROLLED INTO ONE" which equates to "GLOBAL SOUL"! This 7 piece band sounds like a 20 piece orchestra with a "cool CRANK" to it. It's all original material! "Quinch Your Thirst" for Unique Entertainment w/GLOBAL SOUL!!


Mr. Brian Craig -aka- WHOP is a multi-talented artist/producer, President of Pleasant House Productions and Founder of WHOP -n- EM, the world's premier "Global Soul" group/band. The acronym “WHOP” stands for "Wisdom, Hope, Opportunity and most of all Peace" and the EM stands for "Extraordinary Musicians" that bring his music to fruition. As a result of his trials and tribulations throughout his life, he is using his music to console and educate our younger Generation X. Through his music and videos he thrives to awaken social awareness.

Laced with world beats and funky rhythms this combination of music, lyrics and style has manifested into a new genre of music called "Global Soul". Hence, so was the transformation from WHOP -n- EM to WHOP -n- The Global Soul Revue.

This 7 piece band has the "big" sound and "astronomical" effect of a 20 piece orchestra. The band members collectively have over 50 years of entertainment experience. They are professionals and bring seasoned experience to the arena of LIVE entertainment.

There is no band that can compare to WHOP -n- The Global Soul Revue. Their sound is unique, polished and ultimately untouchable in all aspects, which are the ingredients the band continuously enhances with each LIVE performance.


The band has been in existence since 2000 and has had multiple releases played in rotation since. After 9/11 devastated our nation, the band composed a single entitled "The Prayer" which was a track played hourly on the local radio stations for weeks. As the band evolved, so did the music and with the release of "Sunglasses" (a Latino/Jazz composition) as the #1 Summertime groove in 2005, the Global Soul genre was birthed. In 2007, "Hold Your Head Back" was dubbed as one of the most played singles in the DMV. Currently, "Free As A Bird" is well on its way to position itself as another record-breaking "Summertime hit" for 2009.

Set List

The "typical" set consists of 6-8 songs performed within a 45 minute timeframe. The songs are not necessarily played in the following order and can be customized upon request.

Finer Things
Free and Single
Deck of Cards
Mr. Officer
5-Minute Smoke Break
Roll Wit Me
Tom Cat
Hotter Than Fire
Free As A Bird
The Game
The Bonecrusher
The Birthday Song (It Ain't My Job)
Hold Your Head Back

The music performed is all "original" with an occassional tribute to other musicians through cover songs.