Whorehey Writes Psychedelic Music

Whorehey Writes Psychedelic Music


It speaks for it self if you listen to it. Its just psychedelic American folk music. Songs written about different things I've gone through, bad trips, girlfriends, art, philosophy, poetry. Western Beauty.


You probably haven't heard of me yet, but thats probably why your going to like me.


My little borderline

Written By: Whorehey kayado

I'm not a sadist but this I admit,
I was subtly aroused by the cuts on her hip,
and the frail voice she'd speak in on the verge of crying
when I told her my thoughts on life and she could only talk of dying
my little borderline

I hate to remember how she'd pull on my strings
how she'd convince her little puppet to do anything
but you know like a fool yeah
I'd try and try
if only I had known it had always
been a lie
my little borderline

It wasn't to long before I'd discern
that all over her arms
were self inflicted burns
though clearly i noticed I averted my eyes
allowing my self to fall deeper into her disguise
my little borderline

secrets she'd whisper
into my ear
about a sort of disaster
that was bound to appear
but no i didn't listen I assumed I'd be fine
mistakes i have made
the worst was callin' her mine
my little borderline

late i reacted but no doubt I was quick
as downed 16 pills and abruptle became sick
vomit on her dress on the verge of crying
as I walked in shed already been dying
my little borderline

So I'll ask you to walk away
if it's ever these words you here one say
that they've never quite had a sense of self or they just might rather be any body else
so please make sure you check their wrists
for scars and scabs and peculiar slits
and remember you're the first one that you shouldn't doubt
and no matter how far in you are
there's a;ways a way out
so promise me you won't look back
as you walk away as fast as you can
and soon enough you'll
that she's a waste of your time
on the borderline

There at the side of a hospital bed
she was sort of awake but to me she was dead
when she said she didn't want me
nor what I'd provide
nothing could hide
the rage I felt inside
my little borderline

I had the dream that she was holding the hand
of a useless stupid powerless man
and when I awoke naturally it'd coincide
he was catering to her, on the otherside
my little borderline

Look into her eyes
notice the gaze
as she lulls you into an intense deep and endless haze
as your ship aims for the rocks you'll be hypnotized
thus speaks the siren
as she passes me by
on the borderline


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