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"Tortured Soul Zine"

Review: From the mean streets of chicago comes the debut album from Whorrid. Since I reviewed their "Bitch Butchers" album in 2004 these guys have improved drastically. The production has greatly improved along with the overall playing. They still remain with the old school death metal style but with a little bit of their own style added in. I really sense a Napalm Death/Vital Remains sound in their music. When I began to hear this album I was hooked from the start all the way til the end. Of the 10 tracks on this album the one that really sticks out to me is "Choose Your God" it has a very dark and driving sound that will haunt you. This album will definatly appeal to any death metal or metal fan that is sick of trendy/poser metal!!!

-Daniel Damnation - www.Torturedsoulzine.com

"Heavycore's founder Pete Altieri reviews"

Whorrid - Infecting the Soul (review by Pete)

Strap on the leather and the spikes . . . and while you're at it make sure some poser blood is dripping from your clenched fists because Whorrid kicks some serious METAL ass with their new full length CD "Infecting the Soul". This 3-piece band from Chicago is a great band that mixes up death, grind, and even some thrash metal in for a sound that is uniquely their own. I hear a variety of influences here - such as Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, and even hints of old Kreator and Destruction.

The production of "Infecting the Soul" is outstanding and the cover art is also killer . . . the entire package is very professional-looking. The musicianship on this 10-song offering is really top shelf if you dig your metal complete with fret burning guitars, brutal in-your-face vocals, and a double bass fury of a drummer. I don't see a bass player listed in any of the credits (as a bass player myself - this hurts - ha) but these guys hold the bottom down fine it seems without it. The guitar duo of Andrew Rafacz and Ivan Galdamez is metal all the way with great riffing and well-place solos, and Ivan's vocals are a good fit and not the typical "cookie monster" vocals that usually go with death metal today. Narcyz Fortuna is incredible behind the drums and provides a wide arsenal of beats to bludgeon the listener.

The CD also features a video for their song "No Turning Back" and it's also very well done and features some cool footage of the band jamming in a vacant building, and the usual metal madness of bands fucking around behind the scenes. The video is a great centerpiece to this buffet of old school metal that left me raising up a fist in support.

Definitely check these guys out and pick up a copy of this CD if you like your metal intricate but heavier than HELL itself.



2006 - "Infecting the Soul"
2005 - "World War III" The Iron Force (compilation)
2004 - "Bitch Butchers" demo
2002 - "Redrum" demo



Coming to existence in December of 2001 when Ivan Galdamez (guitar) joined forces with Ed Baugh (drums/vocals) to create a raw traditional death metal band called Redrum.
April 2002 they released a demo entitled “Redrum 2002” and sought out to recruit members.
May 2003 brought Andrew Rafacz (guitar) into the picture and same year Redrum would become WHORRID .
Shortly after the release of their second demo “Bitch Butchers” in 2004 , Ed would part ways with the band leaving Ivan to take on the vocal duties and a long process would start of finding the right pieces to the perfect line up.
Going through many members ( Narcyz Fortuna – drums 2004/2006 ,
Martin Labuz – bass 2004/2005 ) and session players, the puzzle was finally being complete with the addition of Jarek Badzioch on bass in fall of 2005 and Brian Wimmer on drums in spring of 2007.
January 29,2006 marked the release of their full length debut “Infecting the Soul”, one year later signing a deal with Rotting Corpse Records for the release of their second full length “Time Heals Nothing” (2008).
Having played shows with such acts as Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Six Feet Under, as well as many other great bands nationally, WHORRID continues striving forwards and doing what they believe in.
“Never Give In, Never Give Up, Never Forget, Never”