Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Personal Indie-Pop out of Minneapolis, MN. The catchy but thoughtful kind. "It's Not Just REMIX in Here" out November 2014.



Rarely do three individuals possess as powerful an electric synergy on stage as Whosah. Driven by playful antics and the desire to relate personally to any crowd, they are simultaneously comforting while being on the inventive edge of indie-pop, featuring jivin guitars, tight n' fat drums, and Top 40-style synth licks. 

The release of "It's Not Just Me in Here" began the bands active professional and touring career. The record's flagship single "Oxygen" brings out the band's potential to both make the listener break out in dance, and bring them to the reality that it's okay to celebrate the universal need to have something to rely on. 

Not only was the release widely embraced by the local scene with a packed-out Northeast-Minneapolis release show, but it also earned Corporate endorsement (Target Inc, Back-To-School Campaign) and spots with Scars on 45, Chastity Brown, Mat Kearney, Kevin Devine, Now Now, Love Out Loud, and others and B and A level events. 

This recent success has brought about the expansion of the band’s natural desire to collaborate- with the upcoming release in November of 2014. “It’s Not Just Remix in Here” is more than just a remix album, its a collective agreement alongside personal friends the band has made throughout the country. Artistic contributions from DJs and friends from New Orleans, Kansas City, and even England display the band’s passion for including people around them in enjoying life and making music. 

The release event itself (Nov 11, 2014), like the collaboration of the project, will feature local and touring acts, artistic displays, a photo booth, BBQ-style backyard games, and of course will center around a live translation of the Remix EP. A celebration of the band’s progress so far and an anticipation of more touring to follow, the show will be a showcase of any Whosah event: the festivities will be fun, the energy will be real, and musical experience will leave you playfully twisting your hips and thoughtfully tapping your temple.

Regardless if you’re a promoter, agent, or venue of any size, Whosah would like to connect with you, know you, but most importantly, befriend you. Contact us via info@whosah.com to book an event or include the Whosah experience in what you already have planned.