Crazy Death metal / Electronica / Breakcore played live while wearing design underwear


Consituted of Igorrr and -i snor, WHOURKR is an experimental band evolving at the frontiers of Death Metal and Electronica.

Everything started in 2005 when the band found its groundbreaking concept, getting inspiration both from the primitive side of Death Metal and the delicate and cold side of Electronica. The resulting sound is mostly made of guitars, drums and vocals, all passed through a digital chopper.
In this massive yet subtle chaos Igorrr brought extreme breakcore rythms and death metal guitars, while -i snor brought crazy vocals far from the usual death metal growling and specific electronics, creating his own effects to help the band play its nearly impossible tracks on stage.

The name "WHOURKR" was born from a long research on the primitive human shout. This recurrent sound is the link and the key to the language used in the band's creations: in order to dig further into feelings, the singing doesn't bother with the weight of words. No significance, no translation: the voice is a howling instrument that creates an emotional language. Ecology is also a strong recurrent theme in WHOURKR's universe, and the first album of the band, "NaƤt" - derived from "Nature" - expresses that statement in its own way. WHOURKR finished a second studio album, "Concrete", which was released in October 2009 in the US / Canada by Crucial Blast Records and in Europe by Trendkill Recordings.

Worse than Death Metal.



Written By: WHOURKR


Podr Wiya Poh Weeeeh
Mmwiyah Bowibah Weeer
Wo Wiya Wo Brrrrrr
O a e o e Owaah Wadabowaa Wadabowaa
Omwiya Boweii Yoowa a wah Liyabo Wiyawer
Wiiya Wavovo Vo Vo Vo Vo Ve Vee Ya Vi Vo Wee Yo Weeeeh
O o o o o o o o o rk

Woo Wiya Voh Weeeeah
Pog Detaah Pog Detaah Pog Deteeh Pogdeteeah
Rrobidogabider Wolido Bralido
Debedobede Barelelarele
Poodilo Ldah DePooldido Ltah
A a a a a aaaa a ah
Podigorbah Krtodi Podigopah Pohdi
Powidobah Pulda Powadelbobibrr

Hovi Gergwa Berdey Grodegedegede Ba Degedegede
Poh Biger gwa Tegedegede Rodiger
Urapapwer Kho Krkhi Kuhhe
Da Plopro Eh Kch Kch
Der Borbloh Gabi Ke Ohm
Dirdne Pardi Gehom di Dom
Prr Kch Gumm gohkah Trrki Pooh


Aha Ahoooo Ahaaaaaa

a e i o i e o i Aaaali Aaaaaldi
Po Peh Pra Pkh Peh Kh Po Kra Poh Ker Koh Pah Dii
Oooooh EEuuuuuu AAAooooh