Whut 4

Whut 4


Urban alternative rock band with female vocalist, mixing the style of Garbage, Lenny Kravitz, Living Color, the YeahYeahYeahs, the Propellerheads, Crystal Method, and Poe. Dynamic stage show, skilled musicians, great songs with big hooks and beats.


The band's cover of "Sugar Sugar", the old Archies hit, sounds like what would have happened if Marilyn manson, Garbage, and PJ Harvey got together to rework the song.
Zeppelin style hard rock beats, slashing guitars, electronic ear candy, samples, turntable efx and powerful female vocals characterize Whut 4's sound. A stellar review of the band's debut CD in Keyboard magazine described the sound as recalling Shirley Bassey with the Propellerheads and that's an apt description. Whut 4 shares more in common with alternative bands from the UK (not surprising, since the vocalist, Chezere, is from the UK). This is intelligent alternative rock with soul, clever twists, danceable grooves and sonic adventure.


Whut 4 - debut album, available on i-Tunes and on the band's website, www.whut4.net.

Set List

Set list is 10 songs with 1 encore. It follows the order of songs on the band's CD. The length of the set is 45 minutes. The songs are:
Why Cant U Be Me
Sugar Sugar
Big Beat
I Could Be Good For You
New Low
Something To Hold Onto