WHY (Ottawa Office WHY Music Canada)

WHY (Ottawa Office WHY Music Canada)


WHY is a four piece pop-rock band that creates passionate, soaring numbers which move quickly from driving to subtle.Combining their influences of European art-rock and fashionable FM radio hooks, their music sends messages of hope, creation, love and loss.


WHY first took shape in 1995 in Winnipeg Manitoba, when Brian Cook (vocalist) chose to see his musical ideas take form. Quickly rounding up some of the best players the local scene had to offer, they recorded their first album THE NAKED SOUL, and followed it with 2002's THE RISE AND FALL OF THE QUESTION MARK, which drew fans and critics alike to their energy-fueled live shows.

As years passed and other commitments took hold, Brian continued to write and began to dedicate time to Make Poverty History. First introduced to the idea by heroes Bono (U2) and Bob Geldof (LIVE AID, LIVE 8, Boomtown Rats), Cook felt the need to use his music to raise awareness to the staggering true fact that a child dies due to extreme poverty every 3 seconds.

Now WHY finds themselves re-invented with a new, powerful lineup. To bring both fans and critics back to attention, WHY recorded "THE LAZARUS EFFECT" (a medical term for the turnaround that AIDS victims have when put on AIDS meds), which finds the band at their best, and also serves as a fitting allegory to the fate of the band. Rising from what once was and starting over again, Cook and company are poised to make an impressive and stirring comeback.

Copies of the LAZARUS EFFECT album, the title song having already received air play in major markets across Canada, were also given out before U2 concerts in Ottawa and Montreal and were made available at Make Poverty History and on-line at CDBABY.COM. A portion of the proceeds from the album went directly to the charity and the album's artwork featured heartbreaking photographs all supplied by Make Poverty History. The album itself featured newly remixed and/or re-recorded tracks, the new single, as well as a video recorded for the track, "Keep My Peace". The album also offers links to the Make Poverty History websites as well as an interview Cook did with Shaw TV.

With their new album RED coming, lineup and songwriting in hand, WHY continues to raise awareness for both themselves as well as Make Poverty History. The band are in post production for the new full-length CD, RED. The single (and title track) "RED" is now being serviced to radio worldwide. "RED" sat a #1 on the KICK FM Winnipeg Top 40 for 4 weeks in a row, and was named "Song of the Year". Now the B-side on the "RED" single, "The Surface", has started to chart, hitting #1 on KICK FM and #5 on THE Q FM in Victoria, BC.

Yes WHY is not signed to a major label,(yet) but the songs on WHY’s latest album “RED” can not be over looked
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The Surface

Written By: WHY

The Surface

As you sink to the bottom with water lungs are full.Clinging to old baggage

let it go, let it go,And Rise ,and rise

Let it stay below.YOU'RE SO MUCH MORE

THAN THIS,YOU'RE SO MUCH MORE.Let it go.As you sit on the bottom,weighted down so long.You feel a little twinge.

Could it be your getting strong?And riseand rise.Let it stay below.

Let it go,let it go,let it go
how much can you stand?How much can you take?
How much can you hide?How much can you fake?

(you said it before).

Rise.Un-tether your dreams and let them take you to the top

And you hit the surface and you

breathe it in


Written By: WHY

Your words softly enter me
Destroy pain with greatest of ease
Cover,they cover the cost of my release
And I close my eyes tightly..so tightly
All I see, All I see is.....RED
A child struggles to be free
WANT brings a poor man to his knees
Comfort,our comfort muffles their pleas
And I close my eyes...tightly so tightly
All I see,All I see is...RED
You change the world I see
Can't see the forest through the bloody trees
All I see,All I see is..RED
RED the color of anger,RED the color of drunken eyes,RED the color of grace,RED the color of sacrifice,RED the color of your lips,RED the color of a broken heart,RED the color of a brand new start


*WHY recently finished a new single called" We Started Out"helping to raise donations for Watercan a Canadian agency that helps bring fresh water to East African Communities

"Lazarus Effect" - 2006
"ROCK FOR A REASON - Artists United For African AIDS Relief" - 2003 (feat: Our Lady Peace, Finger Eleven, 54-40, and WHY)
"The Rise and Fall of the Question Mark" - 2002
"The Naked Soul" - 1995

Singles: Red, The Surface, Lazarus Effect, To Be Human, Rewind/Erase, Petrolhead,Big Thunder No Rain

Set List

typical set list: Red, The Surface, We Started Out, Lazarus Effect, To Be Human, Rewind/Erase, Petrolhead, Burn to name a few