WHY Blue

WHY Blue


We are a Toronto rock n roll band that flirts with jazz, blues, RnB, and just about anything else under the sun. Our influences are limitless and our individual styles compliment each other.


A four-piece band based out of Toronto, WHY Blue draws influences from the greatest popular music movements since the 60s, to create a sound that extends beyond the simplicity of classification.

With songs powered by edge and excitement - ranging from alternative rock and blues, to resonant acoustic numbers, WHY Blue is taking their act on the road at a music venue near you.


Our debut EP is in its final stages of production, in the meantime, our YouTube page is where one can find WHY Blue performing live.

Set List

1. Talking Trash
2. World's Collide
3. Rolling Stone
4. Piss or Get Out
5. Got It All
6. Billions
7. Day Old Coffee
8. Feelin' Alright