Why I Like Robins

Why I Like Robins

 Lafayette, Indiana, USA

Why I Like Robins walks the bleeding edge of the progressive indie-garage sound. Driving, yet hooky, this 4-piece will hold your attention and leave tunes stuck in your head. No flash or gimmicks, just plenty of raw emotion and energy.


Why I Like Robins represents the distilled careers of its members. Formed in 2007, the project is a "best-of" compilation of several regional success stories. The music is forceful and brutally honest. Propelled by energetic live performances and unforgettable melodies, the Robins are defining the sound of a post-modern indie scene that hasn't forgotten its roots.


EP "Simon" - released May 2008
EP "Mark" - released May 2009
EP "Luxory" - April 2011

Set List

Set list is generally 45 minutes to an hour, consisting of roughly 10 songs. Max set time is an hour and a half. No covers.