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When the downbeat drums and lonely guitar twang come in as a forbearer for the opening lyric, "Starting off with a slowdance / The room sways with rented lights," those cynics listening to the debut record from Why Make Clocks may instinctively open their rock- cliche' bible to the alt-country section (...and Uncle Tupelo begat Wilco who begat...) and start flinging around unnecessary Palace references. Granted, the thoughtful vocals of Dan Hutchison may evoke visions of Will Oldham cooing with an early Michael Stipe, but it's the crisp energy of the music that makes WMC stand out from the pigeonholing. Rotating smoothly between mid-tempo pop songs and slower tracks brimming with a mellow forcefullness, WMC breathes life into the compositions by accentuating their arrangements. Through the tutelage of wonder producer A. J. Mogis (Lullaby for the Working Class, Bright Eyes), they continuously evoke a subtly building passion. "Spotlight," for example, spirals in a slowly controlled fashion for more than 10 minutes, using emotive guitar bursts as a cover for the intricate piano and organ work pushing the tune just above the surface. This musicality sets WMC apart by constantly pushing forward with powerfully flowing melodies that emphasize their moody lyrics. Combined, you have tunes in a class with a new breed of outstanding alt-countriers, even if they're of a different school >> Robbie Chaplick - CMJ

Because, after all, they'll only remind you how fast time is slipping by. That your opportunity to pay penance is running low. That you didn't make the best of time while you had it. DAN HUTCHISON and his gang of four convey these thoughts in delicate terms, making you wonder, but not cry as hard, in the way an antisocial Neil Young would. With a hand in production from A.J. Mogis of LULLABYE FOR THE WORKING CLASS, "Fifteen Feet's" 10 savory, mostly acoustic morsels melt in your ear like warm chocolate. The aftertaste, though, is bittersweet, with arched maneuvers recalling the same heroic tragedy as Mountain Goats. There is a pipeline running from Hutchison's heart onto this record, and that's about as honest as music can get.


Why Make Clocks - Midwestern Film (CD, Barely Bias, Soft pop) A lot of folks will probably be lumping the folks in Why Make Clocks into that all-too-familiar Americana category. To categorize this band as such would be too limiting, as their music is pure melodic soft pop. What impresses us most about the tunes on Midwestern Film is the fact that they are extraordinarily unpretentious. In a world where so much music is made to impress people or to freak them out with creativity, the bands and artists who impress us the most are those who aren't trying to impress anyone. These soft, mid-tempo pop tunes are played straight from the heart...without unnecessary overdubs...and without the dreaded overkill that is present in so many artists' recordings. The band consists of Dan Hutchison, Brian Wiksell, Boonie, Eric Kennedy, and Philip Sterk. This album features pure, good tunes that are certain to stand the test of time. Impressive tracks include "The Tape Hiss Told Me This" (great title there), "Who's Laughing Now" (a particularly effective track), "All Your Smiles," and "The Finalist." - www.babysue.com


"These Things Are Ours" 2009 Sleep On The Floor
engineer: Luke Tweedy
studio: Flat Black Studio, Iowa City, IA

"Ego Reflector EP"-self released 2007
engineer: Eric Kennedy/Chris Thrailkill
Studio: WMC home studio

"Midwestern Film" CD- the Barely Bias Label 2006
engineer: Craig Schumacher/Chris Schultz
studio: Wavelab, Tucson, AZ

"Fifteen Feet and Twenty Degrees" CD- Rubric Records 2002
engineer: AJ Mogis
Studio: Presto! Lincoln, NE

"Why Make Clocks" EP - Self Released 2000
engineer: Chris Thrailkill
studio: home

"the Transient Swivel" 7" EP - Sump Pump Records 1998
engineers: Dan Hutchison/Brian Wiksell
studio: Kinjite A & B



Originally formed in 1998 by Iowa songwriter Dan Hutchison and multi-instrumentalist Brian Wiksell, WHY MAKE CLOCKS soon released a 7" EP "The Transient Swivel" which laid the groundwork for what would eventually lead to the release of 2 full length albums and 2 more EPs featuring various line-ups over the years.

Currently WMC are Dan Hutchison (vocals, guitar), Will Tarbox (drums) and Chuck Hoffman (bass,vocals). While Hutchison remains the principle songwriter, his partnership with Tarbox and Hoffman has brought about its own unique stage to the personality of this ever-evolving group.

Often compared to American Music Club, Pernice Brothers and Will Oldham (among others), WHY MAKE CLOCKS find it a little difficult to describe their own music “They’re kind of musician-friendly songs,” says Hutchison. “We just try to make albums we would want to own or listen to,” he says. “where every song has it's purpose for being there, and isn't just filler.”

WHY MAKE CLOCKS write what comes naturally to them: honest, passionately music, with varieties of styles and instrumentations that sound both ominous and majestic, but constantly unfolding:

"powerfully flowing melodies...moody thoughtful lyrics... " - CMJ

"a moody, compelling effort...each song feels somewhat epic" - Billboard Magazine

"grand melodies and expert craftsmanship" -popmatters.com

"Why Make Clocks artfully add modern indie guitar ideas to the traditional country/folk rock structure" - freecitymedia.com

"a dusty dose of pain and lament that cleanses the soul...one of the top releases of 2002" - Des Moines Cityview

On recent national tours, Why Make Clocks supported Atlantic and Rubric recording artist Christian Gibbs as both an opening act and back up band. In addition Why Make Clocks have played alongside the likes of: The Jayhawks, American Music Club, Pernice Brothers, Mountain Goats, Magnolia Electric Co., John Doe, John Vanderslice, Handsome Family, (smog), Rosie Thomas, William Elliot Whitmore, Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, Jeremy Enigk and many others.