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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
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Official Releases:

  • Feb 2010 - "Nothin to Lose- Ballad of a Grinder"
  • Nov 2011 - "Major Independence”
  • Feb 2014 - “Midnight Oil” (mixtape)



Born a fraternal twin in the infamous city of Compton, CA. Whyte is one of seven children. Growing up in a big family taught him how to survive with limited means. He was raised in and around the Los Angeles where his fondness for smooth rhyme was recognized early. Whyte started rapping in middle school, quickly earning the respect of his peers for what they called his “raw talent”. Soon, he was christened “Whyte Boy” – albeit against his wishes.

“The name Whyte Boy was given to me in high school,” he explains, “I used to see people rapping and I used to tell my friends I can rap! I can rap! And they would say Man, you’ve been saying that for two months, why don’t you just rap already? So I said OK! I hopped into a freestyle battle and won. Everyone was like, Man, that was tight! Man, he’s good! We had 4000 kids at my high school and everyone thought they could rap. This was around the same time the 8 MILE movie came out where Eminem’s character found prominence by rising up in the freestyle battle game. Everyone was into that, and sure enough, I found myself battling 3-4 rappers a day for about a year straight. Word started spreading and rivals started askin’ What’s your rap name? Man you still don’t have a rap name? Well, we just gonna call you White Boy! And I would get mad and say, that’s not my name, don't call me that!”

May of that school year, sports gear manufacturer Adidas came to school and sponsored a freestyle battle for the entertainment of the entire student body. Whyte Boy was a contestant. As he relates, “When the DJ asked us our names everyone said who they were, but when he got to me, I paused. So he asked again, What’s your rap name? I thought it would be funny to flip it on them, so I said Oh, it’s Whyte Boy. The DJ made fun of it and replied, Hey, look everybody, his name is Whyte Boy! The whole crowed laughed. I replied you’ll see, you’ll see - play the beat!” The DJ played the beat and Whyte Boy went on to topple his competitors. The DJ congratulated him and said "Good job man! Everybody scream, WHYTE BOY! WHYTE BOY!" They complied. From that day on the moniker stuck, “Whyte Boy” was born.

His struggles in life transformed him into a “Grinder”- someone who works tirelessly to achieve their goals, and will not take “no” for an answer. He lives by this mantra, and prides himself in being an innovator. In Jan 2010 He dropped his first EP Nothin to Lose - Ballad of a Grinder independently on iTunes through his own label, Prince of a Dream Records (which he formed with business partner Bill Sweatt).

With unmatched versatility and lyrical content, He takes his hard-work ethic seriously and applies it to his game, for himself and as a message to others, “I’m here to provide the soundtrack to the grind, for the fearless generation. I want to inspire people to dream again. In Nov 2011 Whyte dropped his second full-length release, “Major Independence”, Whyte Boy is back with his new mixtape “Midnight Oil” Hip Hop has needed a shot in the arm, and Whyte Boy is the man to deliver it.

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