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Take everything you've ever thought about any typical Hip-Hop artist, Christian or secular, and throw it out the nearest window. Whyte Lyte, along with the duo Pearlescent Shepherds, flawlessly combines rap flavor with a fire and passion for the one thing that matters: a ministry for Jesus Christ.


It is no secret that modern day rap and hip-hop artists are stereotyped on several different levels. The expected attitudes and behaviors create a template for those that want to break into the industry.
For Whyte Lyte and Pearlescent Shepherds, that template does not apply. These lyricists are using their differences and passion for rap music as a platform for their greater goal, sharing the love of Jesus Christ.
Whyte Lyte, also known as John Deterding, began rapping at the age of 14 despite his unusual circumstances.
“How many people can say they're adopted by a family of a different race, in my case, an African-American adopted by white parents?” Deterding said. “Of those people, I can't imagine that many of them can say they are physically disabled and proud to be so. Beyond that, how many people are willing to rap about the fact that they come from an environment where rap is the absolute last genre you'd expect to come out of anyone from rural Kansas? In short, I’m unique.”
In fall 2008, while attending Kansas State University, Deterding met Jake “jWeasy” Weakland. A few months later, Weakland and his friend Chris “HipHop Theologian” Halverson created their own rap duo, Pearlescent Shepherds. The name is representative of their pale skin and their desire to “shepherd” others to Christ.
“We are new to the game, but not new to the scene,” said Halverson.
The three lyricists decided to join forces and use their common interest to promote their passion for Christ.
Individually, both Whyte Lyte and Pearlescent Shepherds are talented musicians. Their music will keep you on your toes with their fresh beats and passion-filled rhymes.
When they combine their efforts, they will blow your mind. Their debut collaboration “Lost” is lyrically smooth and backed up by a beat you can’t help but move to.
They are fresh faces, but you will not regret picking up a copy of either artist’s debut albums.


Whyte Lyte - Where He Put Me

Written By: John D.

Chorus (x2):
People look at me like I must hate my life
Sayin’ “Keep ya head up.” “Man, you’ll be alright.”
Has it occurred to them that maybe I’m just how I should be?
Thankful for the chance I’m given livin’ where He put me

Verse 1:
Let me describe myself: “What you see ain’t quite what you get…”
To those who think they know, you ain’t seen nothing yet
I’m a surprise, comprised of elements of sheer mystery
And now that God opened my eyes I have the victory
My history is re-written, illustrations: re-drawn
Mental acceleration pushes me so far beyond
The visual limits that this world can impose
My physicality is always eclipsed by my flows
That’s how it goes, gotta get on with the show
I rock these microphones strictly so the people will know
We all have a purpose, every life is precious
Even me with my CP sees every day as a blessin’

Chorus (x2)

Verse 2:
It’s by His grace that I’m placed in this space and time
Given the gift of rhythm, for the purpose of lacin’ rhymes
I’m divinely designed, He has my purpose in mind
So I go to God for guidance and through Him I will find
Who I’m meant to be, Who you are meant to see
I’m answerin’ the call of the One who sent for me
Now that I’m free, nothing is holding me down
I won’t turn around, He’s broken the chains that had bound
Me to this world, chasin’ game, gettin’ glitz and girls
Makin’ paper so I can buy them diamonds and pearls
But my sight is renewed, greed is no longer something I see
Livin the mission of becoming who He wants me to be

Verse 3:
This life is far from infinite, it can be gone in a moment
This is your one chance to live it, so I suggest that you own it
Everyone has a story, each person one tale to tell
As for me, I live life so God gets the glory as well
Give thanks for people in my life so I am never alone
Live every day to the fullest until God takes me home
I’ll never roam, I’ll always be under His sight
During the brightest of days, or under the darkest of nights
I’ll be alright, I know that I’ll be okay,
Brush off the haters, don’t hear any of the words they say
Learn to pray, keep in touch with God ‘til the race is run
Hopin’ to get a ‘two thumbs up’ from my Audience of One

Chorus (x2)

Whyte Lyte - For the Glory

Written By: John D.

Told me “Go for the Goal”, Homie never give up
Get it on for God, Gotta live my life UP
Give it all for Christ, until the day I die
When I’m behind the mic, that’s the way I ride
Tell ya, “Go for the Goal”, Homie never give up
Get it on for God, Gotta live your life UP
Give it all for Christ, until the day you die
Whether day or night, He’ll always lead ya right

Verse 1:
Can’t sit, must move, gotta go get it
Hyperkinetic aesthetic every minute I’m in it
Spin it to win it admit it, I been reinvented
Ever since the day Christ called me to rebegin it
Never the same, no part of the old remains
Everything changed, since I started praisin His name
I blaze today because Christ paved the way
Saved the day and gave me many things to say
When I write I like to write about the way I feel
So at the end of the day they say my ways are real
Never fake, give thanks for the bread I break
My style is make miles from the inches I take
Left in my wake, the destruction of evil
Rush of the regal, comin back for us we His people,
As such we ain’t equal, that’s why we work for service,
Exert for purpose, any other efforts are worthless


Verse 2:
I got a talent, I won’t deny
It’s through God’s gracious gift that I’m supplied it,
I’ll ride it, til the day the my wheels fall off
I’ll keep doing my thing even when I’m hauled off
To the asylum cuz my mind’s wild’n
I’ll keep freestylin, and always be smilin’
Cuz I know I’m protected and elected
By the One Father who authored and perfected
My faith, makes me saved by grace
Triple 7s, up in heaven where they made my place
Takes my place, talkin’ bout up on the cross
On Good Friday, when life was lost
Three days: Raised again,
So you know, these days I’m praisin’ Him
Used to be a slave, I was chained to sin
But now I’m rollin’ with the Savior on my way to win


Counter-Chorus (2x):
Til the day I die, goin for my goal
Look into my eyes and you’ll see to my soul
Stand beside or step aside, that’s the way I roll
Live your life up, live your-live your life up

Reading (Ephesians 3:20–21)
“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine according to His power that is at work within us. To Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever! Amen.”



Pearlescent Shepherds - Lost (feat. Whyte Lyte)

Written By: Chris H./John D./Jake W.

Verse 1 (Hip-Hop Theologian)
I feel your words, I see you’re lost up in your headphones
Your head groans, you’re stuck at your home all alone
Yeah, you’re on your computer creepin’, You’re empty, heart is leakin’
You’re lookin’ through the media, just to find something to feed on.
The corners of your mind got you actin’ a little scared,
Don’t have no clue what’s back there, you haven’t been there in years
You’re clawing at them black walls, trying to drown it out with that alcohol
Listen, the entirety of your life has been littered with pain
I’m here to light up your life just like a flash bang
Jesus is the flash man, to clean you up like a trash can
Yes he can. Jesus will free you from that pain
Jesus is the reason, the reason for every season
I’m hopin this sounds appeasing, cuz I’m just tryin’ to seek Him
Leak Him and seep Him into your life, it’s just fleeting
I promise if you give him your heart, He will redeem it

You’re lookin’ lost,
You’re feelin’ lost
You think you’re lost,
Brush that off
It’s cuz of Jesus you can be found
Your family’s lost,
Your friends are lost
But you’re not lost,
He paid the cost
It’s cuz of Jesus you have been found

Verse 2 (Whyte Lyte)
If I could, I would major in verbal theology
Use my delivery for the purpose of giving Him all of me
I’m blessed, Christ deserves nothing less than my best
First name is John, and I search for them like my last name is Quest
When I’m searchin’ I’m workin’ on servin the hurtin’
To honor the Father who set me up with so much I’m not deserving
I’m talking about the gift He gives, that is known as life
One-Hundred-Eighty degrees, now my revolution is right
And when I’m using the mic, it’s like a fuse to ignite
Spark the dark into light, providing hearts with the sight
That they need to see Jehovah on the day their life is over
Explode just like a nova, cover the range just like a rover
I’ll show you a soldier, some may call me a Holy roller
Representing the Holy Holder of a Cross upon his shoulders
A roller of boulders 3 days after life was gave away
Paid the cost for all of the lost, Jesus Christ saved the day


Verse 3 (jWeasy)
I was lost now I’m found, I was most cynically bound
I wasn’t scripturally sound, but now I rap for the Crown
I rep for the King, His praises I sing
I live for the Joy that only the Jehovah can bring
No one is higher than Him, no one aspires to sin
But if one retires within, then He’s internally bent
The stuff that human’s doin, lookin for a quick solution
All the sins that we’re abusing, making sure our money’s movin’
Satan’s watchin’ in amusement, making sure that we are losin’
Interest in our God, accusing us if we don’t wanna believe that stuff
On the television, thinking we’re better than God, now that’s some “Hell-a-vision”
Christ is comin’ back again to save us, man you better get with Him


Pearlescent Shepherds - Where We Live

Written By: Chris H./Jake W.

It’s not about where we live
No matter your home, your street block or area code
It’s not about where we live
That’s why we live on high, when we live it out for Christ
It’s not about where we live
Come hard, Pearlescent Shepherds knockin’ down doors
It’s not about where we live
It’s not where we live, it what we living for

Verse 1 (Hip-Hop Theologian)
Peace sign up, A-town down. Whether you in Chi-town or Brooklyn round and round
The Big Ben when you up in London. It doesn’t matter man, where we live
Cuz on my block, never heard a gunshot, never seen a gun cocked
Never been stopped by the cops for sellin’ rock, sellin’ pot
Never done that. I don’t roll with cats packin’ gats, my block’s relaxed
And at 9 p.m., the kids don’t come in. They be playin’ in the streets instead of up in the gym
But you gotta understand, it’s about a lot more than where we live
It’s about who we serve, it’s about what’s worth it
Everything that we go through, it’s about what hurts
Yes, opportunity’s knockin’ at the door… but it’s not about where we live
It’s Who we live it for


Verse 2 (jWeasy)
From North Carolina, up to New Jersey
Pennsylvania to wherever, I’m just trying to prove I’m worthy
Reppin’ for my city, I be reppin for my state
I be reppin for the king who puts dinner on my plate
Who puts shelter on my head and a mattress on my bed
I ain’t never worried about somebody pumpin me with lead
That don’t mean I don’t worry
My vision’s never blurry
Your boy here never touch all that stuff, I ain’t seen a jury
I ain’t worried about that paper, got that Jesu on my mind
Here’s a little secret in case you thinkin’ you on your grind
Grind all you want, but dude it still ain’t getting better
Prison ain’t the place you wanna be as paul said in his letter
Now, I’m not sayin’ that I’m rich, but money’s never been a problem
I may want my neighbor’s stuff, but that don’t mean I go and rob them
Man I’m blessed by havin’ money, but it still gets in the way
I can’t spit cuz I’m White? What else you gotta say


Verse 3
So we make it clear, as we stand here
We reppin’ one city, that’s new Jeruze, ya hear?
It don’t matter the door you walk through
Or the car ya drive dude, what matters is Luke 2
What matters is where your heart is
Pay attention to your part kid
I know I don’t deserve this, I guess I’m worthless
Without the rock, yo. Quit complaing and figure out What you on the block for…


Whyte Lyte:
Just released the Revolution MixTape
New CD "Imago Dei: The Image of Christ" coming 2010

Pearlescent Shepherds:
Just released the DayBreak MixTape
New CD "Click... Click... SAVED!" coming Winter 2009

Set List

Whyte Lyte:
-"For the Glory"
-"My Words"
-"Starts With Me"
-"Where He Put Me"

Pearlescent Shepherds:
-"Where We Live"
-"One Day With God"
-"Children of Light"

-"One Thing"

(These lists can easily be shortened to fit time allotments)