Wicked Automatic

Wicked Automatic


Smart, energetic Hard Rock with a nod to the "classsic" sound of the 70's and a wink to the early 90's "Grunge" movement. Anchored by Jonathan Anderson's emotive and evocative vocals, earnest songwriting and a crack band of hungover, New England bred alt-rock survivors.


Wicked Automatic understands what dues paying is all about. These four, veteran, New England rockers are bringing it all back home with a wide variety of influences and a renewed outlook.

Lead Singer Jonathan Anderson has been a singer/songwriter since the early 90's and has performed in a number of notable bands including Big Chicken Dinner, Vin Vitae and Buzz Mingler. He is also the chairman and chief organizer of a local charity called "Rock For Tots" which has been operating for over 7 years and has raised over $50,000 for child cancer patients through local music performances.

Guitarist Mike O'Neil, Drummer John Viar and Bassist Brian Scanlon all hail from the New Hampshire seacoast and the seminal early 90's band Puddles of Joy. Puddles toured nationally for over four years, released two studio albums and one live album before disbanding in 1998, however, both have continued to write and perform together for more than a decade.

Wicked Automatic released a 5 song CD in December 2006, entitled, "Brave New Story". The E.P. is a 30 minute ride through the rocker's "live free or die" lifestyle. "Easy", the first track on the CD is being added to College, Satellite, Web and Commercial Radio playlists everyday,including WFNX in Providence, Boston and Portland. "Going Blind", the second track on the E.P. was recently picked up by Astral Records for their 10th Dead Famous compilation entitled,"Razorback Beyond". Dead Famous Vol.10, featuring Wicked Automatic is digitally distributed worldwide. Other songs from "Brave New Story" have been licensed to several action sports movies and documentaries, including Ralph Fatello's, "North by Northeast", released in December 2006.

As demand grows from relentless promotion, Wicked Automatic plans to tour the United States, Europe and Australia in 2007.


2005-"Green Room/Firefly" CD single released independently.

2006-"Brave New Story" CD released independently.

2007- Dead Famous Vol. 10 "Razorback Beyond" Compilation CD released on Astral Records / Australia

Set List

We currently have 2 hours of original music.
Ideally, we can fire out a very intense hour + set on any multi-band bill.
Repertoire is 95% original.
Original Material is Hard Rock with "Classic" leanings. Cover material includes selections by Blind Melon, Tom Petty and others.