Wicked Edgar

Wicked Edgar


We Rock, Therefore We Are


Wicked Edgar has been around since 1998 playing good rock music for an incredible bunch of fans. We recorded our first CD "Something Wicked This Way Comes" in 2001. We are currently working on our second full length CD due out soon. Check out myspace.com/wickededgar


Back Again

Written By: Wicked Edgar

Chorus: Glad to see you're doing well, my friend. Never thought I'd see you before Summers end. I guess we've had some bad times, I don't remember them. Fond memories comming back again.

V1: Do you recall the Summer 1999? Walking beaches, sunset talks and cheap wine. To see you now your face defies the hands of time. A little stroll down Memory Lane would be just fine.

V2: Haven't seen the old gang since I don't remember when. It brings a smile to these tired eyes when I think of them. Dorm days are gone now we've all grown apart. Although we're scattered to the winds, we're still all close at heart.

Brothers to the End

Written By: Wicked Edgar

V1: Its just you and me and this bottle of whiskey, lets tell some lies about the things we've seen. About women we've known and love denied, about things we've dreamed, but didn't dare to try.

Man it seems like I've known you forever. You stood with me through good times and bad. Nothings changed, we're just a few years older. None the wiser, but twice the bolder.

Bridge: Manys the time that you've crossed through my mind, when life just isn't treating me kind I've got to laugh when I think of the things we've done. Just damn fools with nothing to lose, hell bent for fun yeah singing the blues. Sometimes I wonder how we made it out alive.

Chorus: Oh, the stories we could tell, side by side lord we walked through hell. Bitter rivals, best of friends, but always brothers till the end.

Bridge 2: Through my darkest hour you stood by me. When I gave up, you made me see that the best things in life ain't always what they think they should be.


"Something Wicked This Way Comes" 2001 available on Amazon.com or through our website www.wickededgar.net

"Brothers to the End, Live at Garagemahall" 2006 available through our website www.wickededgar.net

"Feathers From Heaven" 2006 - Special Edition limited print CD in memory of Christine Hannah Sold Out

Set List

Our sets are typically between 45 minutes and an hour and a half, depending on the venue and type of event. We prefer shows consisting of mostly original music, but do a wide variety of covers to fit the needs of the venue. Covers range from Nugent and Van Halen to Metallica and Nickleback. Absolutely No Country Music!!!