Wicked Garden

Wicked Garden

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Fun, crazy, raw and exciting - Groovy Rock and Funk elements collide together and give birth to a kick ass band that you're sure to never forget. Impregnating men and women alike.


Four young guys from Toronto coming together to create a groove rock band on a mission to kick ass and, on the way, learn important lessons about honesty, integrity and friendship.

Wicked Garden, now equipped with the superhuman powers of funk and grunge, is looking to save the day from mediocre music by bringing their unique style of crazy, wild, and sweaty sexual energy to a venue near you!


Get Her On Home

Written By: Wicked Garden

something lies in her eyes
comin back ill sing the song for you
something that i wanna do
a little sigh when you see her thighs
push me down but i'll still make it through
walk a mile in these a broken shoes
but won't you let me down, if you dont want me hangin round
im playin it over, through my head, but she keeps on passin me by
my social graces are binding me, you know that im kinda shy
i ain't no king but boy shes no queen, but still i been fightin for the throne
ive got to keep on swinging, if im a get me, this dirty girl on home
would you cry when i die
dig me up and capture my disease
a life of blissfulness and sneeze
would you fly for the big times
im on the ground and stand on broken knees
a darlin wont you save me please
but wont you let me down, if you dont want me hangin round
Strange faces are comin over to me, and i just keep askin them why

Line of Fire

Written By: Wicked Garden

im not here to drive you home
im not here though i may seem real
your sword beat my pen
you live the time, but you don't say when
so hit me in your line of fire
you should know by now, i wont give in to your wildest desires
Time goes by, i dont think im making the grade
i want love, but something stands in the way
i want out, so darling take my hand
now she sees, i aint no brilliant man
your eyes like the ocean, but your heart's as cold as the snow
if you really loved me, then by now, i think it would show
so hit me, in your line of fire
cut my throat with the knife in my back
as i scream fuck you, ill be waiting for you to attack
comin through, comin through
i think my mind is ready again
back around, back around
the line for loves grown long
that'll do that'll do
i think its time i could love you once again
shackle you, shackle you
so you can hear your mind


"Sprouts and Walkabouts" - EP (2012)

Set List

Car Crash
Old Number Seven
Mary's Dying
Free Fall
Where Were You?
Line of Fire
Right On
Get Her On Home
No Sisters