Wicked Me

Wicked Me


Nu metal meets rock without the screaming. Reminds me alot of godsmack, chevelle, and disturbed. With more of a power groove like a lighter pantera but not to much lighter.


Wicked Me was created in 2002 in the small town of Plattsmouth, Nebraska by Brian Rader and Dave Wood. After playing at and winning their high school talent show as Daunte’s Inferno in 1995, they began to get more serious about their music. A few years later, fate hit and they lost their guitar player in a car accident. They took a short time off to mourn the loss of their friend, but decided to regroup and begin again. They then added Grant Anderson, Gabe Timm, and Brian Llewellyn to the duo and became Wicked Me. This small time local band began to draw much attention. They began to play at local venues and made many contacts in the Omaha music scene. Since then they have been invited to do live radio interviews and are currently being played by 2 local radio stations. They have won every Battle of the Bands they have entered. Including the July 2005 battle that consisted of 18 local bands from Omaha and Lincoln, NE. Their unique rock metal sound and distinctive vocals allow them to stand out. They have played with bands such as the Road Runner artists Stone Sour. They have recorded 2 demo albums. Which have sold over 1300 copies together in the local area.


2003 “Wicked Me”
Recorded at Rainbow Recording Studio in Omaha, NE
Sold 500 copies. (Out of Press)

2005 “Inside”
Recorded in Wicked Me’s personal studio in Plattsmouth, NE
Sold 300 copies in the first 12 weeks of release and have since sold a total of 700. Currently being sold at Homers, CD Baby, and CD Warehouse.

Coming Soon:
Josh Rand has produced and recorded the beginning of their new album.

Set List

We usualy run a half hour to 45 minute set.