Wicked Saints

Wicked Saints

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Wicked Saints (a.k.a. The Oxymorons of Rock)
Raw organic music with NO artificial sweeteners. It’s GOOD for you!


“Our slogan isn’t completely true,” says Wicked Saints lead singer Paul McCarty. "Some is slightly toxic.” Wicked Saints' music is a cool eclectic mix of styles – from folk-rock, americana, swampy Louisiana grooves to reggae styled pop/blues, a driving beat, or sweet and heartfelt.

Our second album, Don’t Kill The Blackbird, is complete and out with 13 tracks. It was co-produced by Paul McCarty and Brad Swanson at Brad's studio, Swansound Recording in Woodland Hills, CA (which has neither woodlands nor hills but is otherwise quite nice.)

Paul McCarty on acoustic guitar, lead vocals and harmonica; John Gannon on backing vocals, drums and cajon; Chad on bass, mandolin and trombone, Bobby on accordion, piano and organ; Brent Michelle on vocals; David Vidal on slide.

The album also has guest appearances by guitarist Peter DiStefano (Porno for Pyros, Lance Herbstrong), Abby Posner (Fiddle & Pine) and Ken Leiboff on banjo, some percussion and drums by producer Brad Swanson, singers Michael Ann, Melody Guy, Jordi Faria, and Justine Willis among others.


Don't Kill The Blackbird

Wicked Saints