Wicked Sins

Wicked Sins


Wicked Sins is an original Melodic Rock band that has always committed themselves to create great songs as well as put on a very impressive and power packed performance. Over the last eight years they have toured the east coast opening up for numerous National recording acts.


Dyer Knight formed Wicked Sins in March of 1998. He decided to incorporate his skills as well as the skills of musicians from his past into one ultimate band. It was at this time that Dyer was joined by key songwriter and guitarist, Parker Breckenridge, guitarist Bishop, bassist Ethan Davis and drummer Gary Shadle.
Together they set forth to create great music similar to that to which they grew up listening to and falling in love with. For the remainder of 1998 they committed their time to writing numerous hard rock/melodic rock songs.
In early 1999 they commenced into the studio and began recording and self-producing their first nine song demo. From there Wicked Sins began to develop a vast fan base, not only in their hometowns but also across the nation.
From 2000 to 2003 they began to share the stage with such national acts as: LA Guns, Warrant, Britny Fox, Bar7, Vince Neil, Skid Row, Mike Tramp, Jackyl, Lynch Mob, Ratt and countless others. They have played in various venues in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.
Early in 2002 guitarist James Reiper decided to part ways with Wicked Sins to dedicate more time to his love of songwriting. Since then Wicked Sins has revamped and now consists of Lead Singer, Dyer Knight; Guitarist, Ken Kelly; Bassist, Jimmy Wheeler and drummer, Donnie Troy.
In late 2004 they gathered back into the studio to record a full length 13 song LP. Starting in late 2005 they began to take their show back out onto the road once again touring throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio and New York and New Jersey. They now wish to take their dreams a step further by continuing to create great music and touring the world so that they can expand their fan base even farther than it is now while at the same time doing what they love.



Written By: Dyer Knight


Verse: 1 Sexy Suzy swingin' on her front porch swing
Licked her lips and winked
While lookin' at me
Asked me over to come and play
Then she showed me her evil ways

Chorus: She's down-n-dirty
Rough and tough
Got to have it, all your love
On the inside, sticky sweet
Sexy baby is all I need

Verse: 2 Kinky Kim had desire
And an unquechable fire
Silky skin smooth to touch
Never wanted a girl so much
Crawled to me on all four's
Then she had me beg for more

Verse: 3 Malicious Mindy loved to bite
Clawed my back and screamed all night
Never knew that pain before
But damn it feels so good to be so sore
She had whips and chains and leather things
To live out all her fantasies


1999 - Wicked Sins s/t 9 song demo released on Orchard Records

2002 - Wicked Sins 3 song demo released for press kits

2009 - Wicked Sins s/t 13 song cd to be released late 2009

Set List

Wicked Sins typical set list includes all of their originals from their self titled debut cd including:

Doin' The World
Playin' With Fire
I'm The One
Between The Sheets
Sex & Rock
One More Night
Dance For Me
Girls Want It Too!
Inside Your Heart
You And I
We'll Survive