Wicked Society

Wicked Society



Wicked Society is an original music rock/metal band formed in 2006 that originated in West Paterson, New Jersey consisting of original band members Dan Tafaro (vocals) and Mike Palladino (drums) joined by bassist Bob Shanahan. Lead guitarist Chris Harrington filled out the lineup when he joined in May 2007.

Wicked Society's style is hard rock/metal with a unique mix of melodic hard rock which is reminiscent of the 70's and 80's combined with the raw power of the post- 2000 metal scene. It is this very unique style and sound combined with deep, thought-provoking lyrics and sharp musical technique that sets Wicked Society miles apart from its contemporaries and has garnered it an ever increasing fan base.

Wicked Society draws from a wide array of influences including Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden and Motley Crue and classic rock acts such as Led Zeppelin. Wicked Society consists of founding members Dan Tafaro on lead vocals and rhythm guitar and Mike Palladino on drums, who have played in various bands at one time or another since their high school days. New York native Bob Shanahan, formerly of the popular New Jersey original band Dead Lilleth, is on bass. Rounding out the band on lead guitar is Chris Harrington who previously toured Europe in the early 90's with BMG recording artists Final Empire and is a seasoned veteran of both the New Jersey and South Florida club scenes.

Wicked Society has been very busy in 2007 aggressively playing both the New Jersey and New York club scenes. Wicked Society also pooled its own resources and built its own recording studio and is currently putting the final touches on their first original music demo that they will be shopping out to not only national but international labels as well.

Wicked Society has come a long way in the second half of 2007 and the
band shows no sign of letting up on this intense momentum. With their very unique sound, solid work ethic and truly electric live performance, Wicked Society sets itself distinctly apart from the pack and is definitely a band on the
way up.


Forgotten Son - 2008