Wicked Star

Wicked Star


Wicked Star is a hard rock band straight from Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, rocking like no one else with it's energic shows and loud music in the style of Guns N' Roses, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk and Pantera. Both heavy and groovy at the same time, W*S is all over the place & really exceeds expectations


Born on january 2003 in a basement, Wicked Star always kept on rocking with the same guys and the same attitude wich is having a good time. We party. We are one of the few bands that can jam for 30 minutes and more of improvised music and people that do not know us personnaly think this is all prearranged. Music is our thing, we play like we breathe, we love it, anywhere, anytime. Our music can be described as old heavy metal or old groovy rock with a modern sound (think Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Guns N' Roses, Pantera). Each shows raises eyebrows and we do make many new friends and fans everytime. Even though we have a party attitude, we are very professional, extremely tight and highly talented musicians with a natural love for music. Wicked Star brings something new and refreshing to a saturated metal and alternative scene and leaves no one unimpressed, garanteed. We recommend checking our live videos on our website to get what we mean.


Rock'N'Roll Lifestyle

Written By: Wicked Star

Your mom wants to know where you’re going tonight
Your mom wants to know where you’re going tonight
To answer you could be just a waste of time
Anyway you still go where the beer is cold and the music is fine

It’s not the time for politics
Radio sucks bring those LPs
I’ll bring the grass you’ll bring the beer
We’re gonna rock let’s jam baby.


You woke up today at 3 O’clock
You woke up today at 3 O’clock
Never try to remember where you’ve been last night
You’ve got a headache but you’re feeling fine

That Wicked Thing

Written By: Wicked Star

Take your time
You’ll be fine
Try to show the world
Which star’s about to shine

Rock a beat
Make it sweet
Improvise a line
Make sure it’s right on time

Listen now
Our guitars
Are going to ride your minds
And your hearts combined

Move your feet
Move your meat
All you need to know
(‘s) Just follow the show

Purple smoke coming out of my strings
It’s a real pleasure to share our feelings
Electric noises twisting your ears
Underground vibrations shaking our beers

We are here to get you
We want it to get trough
We can’t stop our feelings
Hey-ey are you listening!?

I’ll treat you as a brother
If you treat me as a friend
And what you’ll get in return
Are riffs that never end

Groovy times
You’ll be mine
Open up your soul
Be free, get control

In your car
You’ll go far
Time to show the world
Which star’s bound to shine

That wicked thing
Can’t you feel that wicked thing?

Can’t you feel?
I say now,
Can’t you feel?
I say now,

Can’t you feel that wicked thing?



Wicked Star (Demo 2003)
Challenger (Full lenght album 2006)
Upcoming demo called Genuine Live Rockers in 2007
Many live videos on our official website.

Set List

The average time per song is 5 minutes.
We typically start shows with a song called "That Wicked Thing" since it is musically impressive and attracts attention with unusual groovy rythms.
Our sets are normally between 30 minutes and 1 hour (we need to breathe after all that action). We do not waste time between songs and do some casual friendly talking to the people who are there. We do few covers : Blitzgrieg Bop (Ramones), We will rock you (Rock version, Queen), Something Else (New York Dolls). All the rest are original songs.