Wicked Stitch

Wicked Stitch


A mix of Mudvayne, White Zombie, and Pentara. No lack of energy in this group! Amazing stage show that will leave you gasping for air!


Wicked Stitch is a four piece metal band out of Clyde Ohio. We were formed out of the ashes of a band called Atrocity where three of our members honed their musical skills.
Combined, our past musical lives include Cleveland based industrial giant DISOWN, Clyde based ATROCITY and SIC, Tiffin University's rock project ELSEWHERE, as well as many others.

Our music is formed from our hatred for what is happening in the world and what people are becoming. Most of our songs will upset and enrage people who are not able to pick up on the social commentary we are offering. We attack the source of this worlds problems, its people, and try to make them see how tainted they have all become. If this upsets them... so be it.


4 track demo to be released Halloween night at the 4th Annual All Freaks Halloween Ball in Toledo Ohio.

Set List

Pure Hate
Determined - Mudvayne Cover
My Demons Deceive
Bury the Crib
Break the Noose
Demon Speeding - Rob Zombie cover