Wicked Tinkers

Wicked Tinkers


Wicked Tinkers are a Celtic-Tribal sound explosion! Traditional piping meets Tribal drumming. It is a raw, exciting sound that touches you on a primal level. Friendly, funny, and totally accessible, They are consummate entertainers. Prepare yourself for a wild ride!


Prepare yourself for a wild ride with Wicked Tinkers!

Pioneers of the growing Celtic Tribal movement, the Tinkers have been playing heart-pounding bagpipes and irresistible, tribal drums as a professional touring band since 1995. With the 2000 addition of the haunting didgeridoo and the very rare Bronze Age Irish horn, the magic was complete.

Now let yourself be transported to an earlier time, when battle cries filled the air and otherworldly creatures roamed the night.
Or better yet, get on your feet and move to the tribal rhythms and ancient sounds.

This is not dry music for museum shelves – nor the polite sound of a 'session'.
These boys merge the high-energy vibe of a rock concert with the hypnotic, insistent grooves of their Gaelic ancestors.

Rare is the bystander who comes away without feeling a connection to deep, primal emotions ... half-memories of ages past and mysteries nameless yet familiar.

But "Wicked Tinkers" is more than just music. Consummate entertainers, their live show is funny, energetic, and very inclusive. No shoe-gazers, these. The Tinkers constantly interact with the crowd. The "fourth wall" of the stage quickly dissolves as band members dance in the audience, and fans join the Tinkers onstage for a tune or two.

Wicked Tinkers create music to put a fire in your belly, a glint in your eye and a dance in your feet.

"Like a fine, smoky Scotch whisky; they are a little rough around the edges, but unmistakably the real thing!"


Whisky Supper - 2005
Banger for Breakfast - 2003
Loud - 2002
Hammered - 2000
Wicked Tinkers - 1999

Guest Artist
Tempest "The Double Cross" - 2006

Set List

Our typical set includes loads of high-energy Scottish and Irish tunes, all re-imagined and re-arranged in our own wicked style.

We like to mix things up with the occasional song, air, or a novelty number - such as the wildly popular "Wallop the Cat" sing-along.

In between tunes, the band's comic banter keeps the audience well-entertained.

We are flexible with set times and structures.
Typically, we will do three 45-minute sets in a festival day; or two 50-60 minute sets at an evening concert.